Mushroom Supplements

At Landys Chemist we stock a huge range of Mushroom supplements from a variety of brands. We offer both single mushroom supplements and combinations to allow you to gain the maximum benefit from Mushrooms. 

What are Mushroom Supplements Good For?

Mushrooms have a huge variety of health benefits. There are three key active ingredients found within Mushrooms which provide these benefits:

Beta-D-glucans: Beta-D-Glucans have clinical trials that indicate their effectiveness as an anti-microbial which means they can stop the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. It has also proven effective at helping to control cholesterol levels.

Triterpenoids: Traditionally Triterpenoids have been used in Asia for many years. Recently studies have shown that these have anti-carcinogenic properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits.  

Ergosterol: Ergosterol is a type of sterol. Sterols play an important role in growth and development for flora and in humans plant sterols have been used to keep cholesterol under control.  

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Mushroom Supplements FAQs

How do I pick a good quality Mushroom Supplement?

There are two parts to a mushroom; the mycelium and the fruiting body. The mycelium is principally the root system of the mushrooms but this part tends to have a lower concentration of all the key active ingredients. As such it is always important to ensure that the supplement you pick provides the fruiting body.

How many types of Mushroom supplement are there?

Whilst there are more than 14,000 known species of Mushrooms on earth there are eight which have a been carefully studies for their health benefits.

When is the best time to take mushroom supplements?

In most cases it depends on which mushroom you’re taking and for what reason. For mushrooms that promote immunity it tends to make sense to have them at the start of the day whereas the mushrooms that promote sleep or have anti-ageing properties are better taken at night. We tend to recommend anti-ageing supplements to be taken at night time because it’s during sleep that your skin restores and rejuvenates.

It is generally best to take mushroom supplements on an empty stomach. The primary reason is that triterpenoids have quite poor bio-availability (i.e they are quite hard to absorb) and for this reason taking them on an empty stomach encourages your body to extract as much of the benefits as possible.

Are Mushroom Supplements in capsules or powders better?

At Landys Chemist we are very conscious of the types of products we carry. We look for companies that carefully research how their products work in the body and, in particular, we like to see data that ensures capsules will break down in the gut when they’re supposed to. This allows for maximum absorption.

Because of this we believe that it doesn’t matter if you pick a capsule or powder based product from our selection.

In the case of brands which are poorly manufactured, powders will tend to contain fewer binders, fillers and other nasties and because you’re taking the powder rather than a cheap capsule that might not dissolve in the gut it ensures better absorption.

How long does it take for Mushroom Supplements to work?

The earliest we would expect someone to start experiencing the benefits of Mushroom supplements would be around two weeks but, like with so many supplements, it can take up to three months to experience the full benefits.

We always recommend you stay positive and disciplined – people often don’t notice an improvement after a week and then get disheartened and give up or start taking supplements only when they remember. It’s important to keep at it!


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