Terranova Mushroom Synergy Super-Blend Caps 50


Terranova Mushroom Synergy Super-Blend is:
Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
Dairy Free
Gluten Free

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Medicinal fungi have been the subject of a huge amount of research into their potential health benefits and protective properties. Currently there are only six species of medicinal fungi that that are approved for use in food supplements through EU Novel Foods regulations, and Terranova’s Mushroom Synergy Complex contains all six of these approved fungi.

Mushroom Synergy is especially unique in that it is one of the very few full-spectrum medicinal fungal products available in Europe. The certified organic raw materials used by Terranova for Mushroom Synergy contain the fungus in all stages of its development (primordia, mycelium and fruiting body), as well as providing the crucial extra-cellular compounds that are produced from the fungal cells and which have unique health benefits and biological make-up compared to the cells of the fungus itself. This exciting new development in fungal technology is the perfect complement to Terranova’s founding philosophy of emphasizing whole plant ingredients, rather than just fractions of an original adulterated plant. It also perfectly complements Terranova’s understanding that the biochemical complexity of a plant is often much more important to the plant’s overall benefits than the potency of the plant’s individual fractions. All components of Terranova’s full-spectrum fungi are certified organic and fresh freeze dried. This formulation also includes freeze dried ginger in order to facilitate bioavailability of the fungal compounds in the mushrooms.

Intensely synergistic blend of certified organic medicinal and tonic mushroom/fungal species

Provides the entire selection of fungi that are compliant with EU Novel Food regulations (this is why there are only 6 types)

Provides wide array of immune-enhancing and cell-protective mushroom polysaccharides (such as beta glucans, lentinan, etc)

Uses only Full-Spectrum fungal material, which provides the fungus in all stages of development (primordia, mycelium and fruiting body)

Provides the extra-cellular compounds which are produced from the fungus, which have unique biological make-up and health benefits

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