Lip Stain

Avoid the hassle of re-applying lipstick with a long-wearing lip stain. From lip and cheek combinations to liquid and stick formulas, lip stain is the amazing alternative to lipstick that won't dry out your lips or make them sticky. Lip stain also lasts all day long, even when you're eating and drinking. Shop lip stain products from big-name brands here.

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All you need to know about Lip Stain

What's the difference between a lip tint and a lip stain?

A lip tint is essentially like a lip balm and isn't highly pigmented. The colour will look more subtle, and you can layer the colour to achieve the intensity you want. A lip tint can also be used as a moisturising base for a lip stain. A lip stain on the other hand contains lots of deeply-coloured pigments, and literally stains your lips. A little goes a long way, and the colour will not come off with a simple wipe because it stains the skin on your lips.

Can I use lip stain on my cheeks?

Yes – many lip stains are dual application so that you can use them on other areas of your face as well as your lips. Just keep in mind though that lip stain does stain your skin and won't wash off easily with a single use of soap and water, so make sure before applying stain that you definitely want that bright pop of colour where you are placing it.

Are lip stains safe?

Lip stains provide a long-lasting tint to your lips, and come off less easily than lip stick or balm. That said, they are safe to use and do not dry out your lips as much as lipstick. There are many lip stains available on the market, including more natural options with vegan ingredients.

How do I remove lip stain?

There are many ways to effectively remove lip stain. Use a lip scrub before washing off with your usual make-up remover, or use a toothbrush and some lip balm to gently massage off the skin cells that contain the lip stain. You can also put a bit of olive oil or coconut oil on a cotton pad or make-up wipe and rub it over your mouth to remove any excess. Always use plenty of lip balm after removing lip stain to rehydrate your lips.

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