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Perfect your lip look and create definition in one simple step. Sharpen, define and plump your signature lip look with a liner from our exclusive range that will deliver a picture-perfect pout each and every time. However you like to make the most of your lips, browse our collection of luxurious lip liners from well-known brands.

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  1. Clarins Lip Liner Pencil
    Clarins Lip Liner Pencil
    As low as £19.00
  2. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Precision Glide Lipliner
    Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Precision Glide Lipliner
    As low as £17.00
  3. Lancome Idole Lip Shaper
    Lancome Idole Lip Shaper
    As low as £20.00

4 Items


All you need to know about Lip Liner

How do I use lip liner?

Lip liner is simple and easy to use – just draw an outline of your lips using the pencil. If you want a fuller looking lip, trace the line slightly above your natural lip line, and then fill in the whole of your lips with either lip liner or lipstick. Lip liner will help your lipstick to generally last longer, and will give your overall look more definition.

What does lip liner do?

Use lip liner to get a perfect cupid's bow when defining your lips. Lip liner is great for defining your lips and for making your pout appear larger, or to change the shape of your lips. It can also prevent your lipstick or lip gloss from bleeding, and gives your lipstick something to contain it and to cling on to.

How do I match my lipstick and lip liner?

Lip liner works well with all kinds of lipsticks and you can easily find tones that complement each other. If you are using a red shade, try to match the liner to the lipstick as closely as possible. Select a shade that is close to your natural lip tone, and then gently trace your natural lip line to create your desired shape. Buff out the edges and fill with a mixture of lip liner and lipstick, then top with gloss to create a blended effect that should work with most lip make-up.

What do I apply first – lipstick or lip liner?

You should always apply lip liner first, as this will create the shape of your lips that you want to work with. Whether you apply and fill in the line with lipstick depends on the type of look you want. If you want a more natural look, blend the lip liner across the whole of your lips and add a layer of gloss. For a more intense look, fill in the lines you have traced with lipstick.

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