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Body Lotions From Your Favourite Perfume Brands

Enjoy your favourite fragrances in a luxurious body lotion. Shop perfume body lotions from your favourite skincare, beauty and perfume brands. These hydrating body lotions will keep your skin soft, like a moisturiser, and leave it subtly scented. Apply your body lotion after a bath or shower to lock in moisture.

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32 Items


Perfume Body Lotion FAQs

Get the answers to all your questions about perfumed body lotions.

Which Is The Best Perfume Body Lotion?

If you are already wearing a particular scent, then pairing it with the companion body lotion will be the best choice. If you don't have a specific perfume you are using, some of the most popular perfumed body lotions are:

If you have dry skin, hard patches or have been out in cold air, you might want to choose a richly moisturising body lotion, such as a body cream or body butter.

What Is Perfumed Body Lotion Used For?

Lotions are the same as moisturisers, but for your body instead of your face. A perfumed body lotion helps to restore hydration, making it feel soft and smooth, while leaving behind a light scent.

How Do You Use Perfume Body Lotion?

You should apply perfumed body lotion all over once you have finished your shower or bath. Apply lotions and moisturisers to damp skin once the water has been wiped off with a towel. Reapply the body lotion to the skin throughout the day as desired.

Body lotions should ideally be used after you've cleaned your skin. Cleansing is necessary to remove the day's dirt and pollutants. Body lotions restore the skin barrier, keeping the skin's microbiome balanced and healthy.

Can I Use Fragrance Lotion On My Body?

You can use lotions with fragrances, just as you'd use another body lotion. You should avoid perfumed body lotions if you have irritated or sensitive skin as the fragrances can cause flare-ups in skin issues. If you have any dermatological issues, avoid using a perfume body lotion until you've checked with a skin expert or your GP.

Is Perfume Or Scented Lotion Better?

Applying perfume is a great way to get a spritz of a delightful scent. Perfumes are a concentrated form of fragrance and dissipate over time. Scented lotions have a milder scent but the all-over application can help it last longer. If you want your scent to be noticed, use perfume. If you want a subtle fragrance, use a lotion.

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