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Zinc is the second most abundant mineral found in the human body but the body can't make Zinc itself - it has to come from food or supplements.

How do you create new cells, heal wounds and break down fat? With zinc! It plays a crucial role in the body, enabling healthy functions and a strong immune system.

Zinc supplements are an excellent way of making sure that you are getting the right balance of nutrients every day. Taking a daily zinc pill can be particularly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians as some of the common sources of zinc are shellfish, meat and dairy.

You can find daily supplements of zinc in 15mg to 50mg doses, in capsule, tablet and lozenge (great for kids) forms.

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All you need to know about Zinc

Is Zinc good for the immune system?

Yes – Zinc is essential for the proper function of the immune system.

When you get an infection or virus, Zinc plays a key role in fighting these pathogens and limiting their spread. People with a zinc deficiency are more susceptible to viral infections (e.g. Fungal nail infections).

There is also a lot of research around using Zinc when you have the common cold. Research has found that using zinc can cut the duration of a cold by a day and also reduce the severity of the cold you catch.

Is Zinc good for my skin?

There is increasingly more evidence that zinc can improve the skin in some instances because it has anti-inflammatory properties alongside its propensity to fight infections.

Zinc is now also available in topical forms, skin sprays and creams, because of its impact on the skin.

Can Zinc help me fall pregnant?

Zinc does play a beneficial role in ovulation. It helps the development of follicles. That said, there are a variety of supplements that play a key role in healthy pregnancies (e.g. Folic Acid) and thus we would tend to recommend a pregnancy multinutrient for women who are hoping to conceive.

Is Zinc good for period pain?

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties zinc can help reduce menstrual cramps and swelling. A variety of studies have found that using zinc for three to four days before your period each month can vastly reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

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