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Stock up on sunscreen supplies with our range of 15-25 SPF products that block up to 93% of harmful UV rays, helping to protect your skin from the sun's heat, as well as skin cancer and sunburn. Get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow while protecting your skin and shop everything you need for your holiday sunbathing rituals right here.

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All you need to know about SPF 15-25

Is SPF 15-25 good enough?

If it is applied correctly, an SPF of 15 can block up to 93% of the sun's harmful UVB rays, which cause sunburn and potentially skin cancer. SPF 15 isn't recommended for children, as kids need a much stronger level of SPF (around 50) for the protection of their delicate skin. If you want to protect your skin from premature ageing, sagging, spots and wrinkles, then shopping for an SPF of 30 or above will be more beneficial.

Is SPF 15-25 enough for my face?

People with more pigmentation in their skin will tan easily and not burn as much, so SPF 15 will be fine in this case. If you have very fair skin, you are more likely to burn from UV radiation because you have lower levels of melanin in your skin, therefore wearing an SPF of 30 would be more practical.

When do I need SPF 15-25?

Ideally, you would use a lower protection sunscreen with an SPF of 15-25 when you are spending most of your time indoors (during the main heat of the day), but will be spending short intervals going in and out of the sun. If you plan on staying in the sun for longer periods of time, you will need a sunscreen with a higher factor.

What does SPF 15-25 mean?

SPF stands for 'sun protection factor', and helps to protect your skin from the sun's UVA and UVB rays, which can both contribute to skin cancer. Even if you are sitting indoors near a window, you can still catch sunburn, so an SPF of 15 will give you 15 times more protection than if you didn't wear sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more protection you have.

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