Dermatological Make Up

From luxury mascaras that lengthen and condition lashes, to correcting concealer sticks and corrective foundation, we stock a range of products that combine expert skincare and make up from brands like Vichy. Specifically designed for skin that needs a little more care because of pigmentation, top up your make-up bag's contents with our range.

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All you need to know about Make Up

How do I apply corrective foundation?

A little goes a long way with corrective foundation, so begin by using a small amount and build up the product as you go. Apply a small amount of foundation with a foundation brush or your fingertips, and gently blend it from the centre of your face, working outwards towards your cheeks. Blend the foundation near the neck, ears and hairline. If covering pigmentation spots, add a little more onto the spot and dab it with your finger or a sponge to blend it in with the rest of your coverage.

How do I apply a colour-correcting concealer?

Make sure that you select the right colour for your skin. Orange concealer will help correct darker skin tones, while peach tones will correct lighter skin. Always use small amounts and then build up from there, or you risk having a noticeable line between your concealer and foundation. Only use a corrective concealer on a blemish or spot that is particularly red, and use a blending sponge or your fingers to pat the concealer into your skin.

What is setting powder used for?

A setting powder can be used to seal your make-up and hold it in place throughout the day. If applied to a beauty sponge, it can also be used to blend out imperfections and smooth out foundation application.

Why is my mascara drying out?

Your mascara might be drying out because you have had it for too long. You should throw away your mascara after three months. Too much air getting into the mascara tube can cause it to dry out, so try not to 'pump' the wand in and out of the tube, because this forces air in. If your mascara clumps, soak the tube in hot water for five minutes to see if this de-clumps the formula inside. If this doesn't work, you may need to invest in a new one!

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