Fenugreek is a very versatile herb that is used in cooking and medicine. Its leaves can be eaten as a vegetable, and its seeds can be used in curries, or ground up to make fenugreek powder used in medicine and food dishes. It is also used in soap production, and as a flavouring agent. Fenugreek supplements are used to stimulate natural insulin production in the body, which in turn can help to naturally lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. In studies, people with type 2 diabetes who take fenugreek on a daily basis, have experienced positive results in the lowering of their blood sugar.

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All you need to know about Fenugreek

What are fenugreek supplements good for?

Fenugreek has been traditionally used to treat diabetes and lower blood sugar levels, as well as to boost milk supply in breastfeeding women. More recent studies have also discovered that fenugreek is good for treating menstrual cramps and painful periods.

Does fenugreek boost testosterone?

Yes – in older men, fenugreek can be taken to increase testosterone levels, because it contains compounds called furostanolic saponins. Testosterone naturally declines as a man gets older. By boosting testosterone levels, fenugreek can increase libido and improve sexual function, as well as energy levels, mood, mental function and health of bones. Those who have testosterone deficiency may benefit from taking fenugreek supplements.

Can I take fenugreek supplements every day?

It has been suggested that fenugreek supplements are generally safe when taken every day, and can be taken for up to six months at a time. You should always consult your doctor before taking supplements to treat underlying health conditions. Some people may experience side effects from taking fenugreek supplements, including an upset stomach, loose stools, gas and bloating, feeling nauseous, headaches and dizziness.

Can fenugreek make my breasts bigger?

Fenugreek can slightly enhance breast size by replicating the effects of the female hormone estrogen, and by stimulating prolactin production. These hormones influence the way breasts grow and develop, resulting in fuller and firmer breast tissue.

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