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Silica is a mineral that is hugely popular for helping to achieve healthy skin, hair and nails. It is also helps to keep bones strong.

Silica is commonly found through diet in breakfast cereals, breads and flour, biscuits, rice, pasta and dried fruits. Whilst it is available from nuts, seeds, milk and some meats this tends to be in extremely low quantities and often in a form that is not easily absorbed by the body.

Silica supplements are popular because the mineral is hard to obtain naturally through diet; lots of the silica in food comes in the form alumina-silicate which is not very bio-available.

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All you need to know about Silica

What’s the best way to get Silica?

Silica is hard to get naturally. Because soil doesn’t have much silica in it generally, the result is that the fruit and vegetables that grow naturally don’t tend to have very high silica content either. In addition, as food is processed and refined it tends to end up losing silica content.

The most abundant natural sources of Silica are Horsetail and Bamboo. Most supplements extract Silica from one of these sources to provide a natural and bio-available form of Silica.

Why is Silica good for people with thinning hair?

Silica does a few things to help improve the quality of hair; firstly it plays an important role in transporting nutrients around the body. This means that Silica makes sure that the nutrients you hair needs to be grow and be healthy are available. Silica also improves the overall hormone balance; imbalanced hormonal levels can often result in issues like hair loss or thin hair.

Why is Silica good for my skin?

Healthy collagen is essential to keep skin looking young – Collagen is one of the building blocks of skin and is responsible for keeping your skin from sagging. As we age, collagen levels naturally deplete which is why skin starts to sag and wrinkle over time. This is also why so many skin creams contain collagen.

Silica is one of the building blocks your body needs to make collagen and this is why it is so essential for healthy skin and fighting the ageing process.

Can Silica be harmful?

Silica obtained through your diet or via supplements isn’t dangerous.

Silica occurs naturally in other forms, including sand and glass. There are studies which show that chronic inhalation of silica dust in these forms can be dangerous.

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