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Teething products can be a useful way to help your little one cope with the teething process by soothing sore gums and numbing pain. Our collection includes teething gel, which can be applied manually to your baby's gums, or teething granules, which can be fed on a spoon until they dissolve in your baby's mouth.

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Teething Gel & Teething Granules

Teething is a tough time for parents and children. If you have concerns about your baby being in pain and are considering teething products, speak to your GP or a medical professional to get advice. 

When Is Teething Pain The Worst?

Teething pain is often the worst for babies just before the tooth emerges. Teething typically starts between 3 and 12 months of age but isn't continuous. Having teething gel or teething granules on hand once your baby starts teething means you can be ready whenever a new tooth starts to come through.

What Do Teething Granules Do?

Teething granules are a homoeopathic remedy that aim to alleviate the symptoms of teething, such as red and sore gums, flushed cheeks, dribbling and oral pain. Teething granules contain ingredients like chamomile that can have a calming effect. 

Is Teething Gel Ok For Babies?

Teething gel specifically created for infants will be safe to use for your baby. Avoid any homoeopathic teething gels that come from unlicensed brands. There are various kinds of teething gel so speak to your pharmacist or GP about the best options for your baby.

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