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Sage is a herb that is used in cooking all over the world. It has an earthy and strong smell and taste, and is usually used in small amounts to give dishes flavour. When dried and ingested as a supplement, sage leaf has many health benefits. 

Sage: Vitamins & Nutrition 

Sage is high in vitamins A, C, E, and K. Sage Leaf supplements typically provide around 10% of your Vitamin K daily allowance. The nutritional benefits of sage leaf can help to reduce the risks of various health conditions. For example, the vitamin K in sage improves bone strength and helps to make the proteins for blood clotting. Sage also contains copper, zinc and magnesium, as well as caffeic acid, which improves brain function.

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All you need to know about Sage Leaf

What are the benefits of sage leaf?

Sage leaf has multiple health benefits because it is naturally high in antioxidants, which helps the body to fight infection, viruses and free radicals. It can also aid cognitive function, oral hygiene, healthy blood sugar levels and low cholesterol levels. Sage leaf is high in chlorogenic acid, rosmarinic acid, ellagic acid, caffeic acid and rutin, which improve memory and cognitive function, and also help to lower the risks of developing cancer.

How can I add more sage leaf to my diet?

Sage leaf is very versatile and you can incorporate it into your cooking in many different ways. Stir it into soups, sprinkle it onto roast potatoes, mix it into butter before spreading onto bread, add it to tomato soup, or cook it into an omelette or scrambled eggs. It can also be used as a roast meat or vegetable seasoning, or made into tea by adding boiling water.

What are the side effects of sage leaf?

Sage in its fresh herb form has no reported side effects and is considered safe. However, research has indicated that dried sage contains thujone, a compound that could be toxic to the brain if too much is ingested. For this reason, sage tea should be taken in limited amounts, and you should consult your GP before taking sage supplements.

Is taking sage leaf good for menopausal symptoms?

Yes – studies have indicated that taking sage leaf supplements for up to 12 weeks at a time can help reduce symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats and hormone fluctuations that occur during menopause. Learn more on how sage can be used to relieve menopause symptoms here.

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