A staple of any make-up bag, face primers are more than just skincare – they create a blank canvas to work on and ensure that your make-up stays in place all day long. Transform your skin and create a flawless look with our range of products that will help you achieve a smoother, more radiant complexion and easier make-up application.

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All you need to know about Primer

What type of make-up primer should I choose?

No two primers are the same, so you need to use your skin's needs as a guide. You can get hydrating ones for dry skin, colour-correcting products for redness, and mattifying primers for oily skin. It is possible to buy a face primer and use it all over your face, including on your eyelids and lips for eyeshadow and lipstick application. Test a few and see what works best for you, and consider how long your make-up lasts for.

How do you apply primer?

Primer is really simple to apply because there are no brushes or complicated techniques involved – just smooth it over your face! Make sure you have washed your face first, and that you have applied your moisturiser. Let your moisturiser sink in for at least five minutes before moving on to primer. When you have applied primer all over your face, wait for at least one minute before applying make-up.

Can I wear primer without make-up?

Yes – especially if your primer is water-based, because this means it will add extra moisture to your skin, in the same way as sunscreen or a moisturiser. If you use a mattifying primer, you'll be blurring your pores, trapping moisture and will ensure that you suppress any excess oil, which will leave your skin looking smooth and radiant.

What is the difference between silicone-based and water-based primers?

If a primer is silicone-based, it will glide onto your skin and give it a smooth and silky feeling, and won't sink into your pores. It will trap in moisture, to help keep your skin hydrated, but won't add moisture itself. For this reason, silicone-based primers are better for oily skins. Water-based primers will add moisture to your skin just like a face lotion, and are better for people who have dry skin.

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