Neck And Décolleté Creams

We often forget to care for the skin on our neck and décolleté because we are so focused on our faces! The skin in these areas has fewer sebaceous glands and therefore ages faster than other areas of our bodies, especially if it is exposed to the elements like cold and wind, UV light and pollution. Moisturising your neck and décolleté can help combat wrinkles, fine lines and red spots. Shop our range of neck and décolleté moisturisers here.

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8 Items


All you need to know about Neck/Décolleté

When should I start to moisturise the skin on my neck?

To counter effects of premature ageing in these areas of your skin, you should start to moisturise them in your early twenties and throughout your life. Use a moisturiser that is designed for these areas and apply it down towards the neck and across the décolleté. After you hit forty, use products that have more intense care for this area, as it will need more elasticity.

How do I apply neck and décolleté cream?

Warm the cream up in your hands and then, using small circular movements, apply it from the centre of the neck outwards. Massage in a horizontal line, keeping your hands flat where possible. Then switch to vertical movements and transition from the chest and up towards the neck. This will stimulate cell renewal while supporting elasticity.

How do I take care of the skin on my décolleté?

Cover up your décolleté as much as possible to protect it from the sun, wind and cold weather. Apply sunscreen if you do go out in the sun, and exfoliate the area regularly. Use a gentle cleanser on your body that isn't too stripping to the skin, and use plenty of moisturiser and serum to keep the area well hydrated. Products with antioxidants will help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Is it okay to put Retinol on your neck?

Many face and neck creams are highly concentrated and contain more powerful ingredients than facial moisturisers. Retinol is a common ingredient used in many face and neck formulations, and has been proven to be effective at hydrating the neck and décolleté area on a daily basis, in turn helping the skin to fight premature ageing.

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