Egyptian Magic Skin Balm Review

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream Review | Key Ingredients & Benefits

What is Egyptian Magic Cream?

The tale of Egyptian Magic commences in 1986 at a Chicago Diner, where an aged gentleman approached Westley Howard. This gentleman said to Westley, "Brother, I have been inspired by the Spirit to disclose something to you." At that instance, Mr Howard thought, "It didn't strike me as excessively unusual. I am a person of spirituality, so such occurrences are frequent in my life."

This stranger's identity was Dr. Imas. He never unveiled his surname or provided clarity on his profession as a doctor. Over the following two years, Dr. Imas periodically visited Mr. Howard in Washington and demonstrated the process of creating a skin cream using olive oil, beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis (a substance used to seal beehives).

Dr. Imas asserted that this was the precise formula for a cream discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs.

The Egyptian Magic Skin Balm is a multi-purpose cream made of a professional formula comprising six of nature’s most moisturising and reparative ingredients. This 100% natural product has been proven to help common skin and hair care issues such as, eczema, scarring and split ends.

Key Ingredients of Egyptian Magic Cream:

Olive Oil

Known for its moisturising properties and richness of antioxidants.


Natural emollient that forms a protective barrier and locks in moisture.


Moisturising and soothing properties thanks to its natural sugars and enzymes.

Bee pollen

Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids which nourish and revitalise the skin.

Royal jelly

Nutrient-rich to promote optimum skin health.

Bee propolis

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.

Key Benefits of Egyptian Skin Cream:


The 100% natural formulation of this product is comprised of ingredients that not only provide moisture, but also retain it. It can be used as a daily moisturiser; a lip balm; a hand cream; left on longer as a hydrating face mask and to treat dry skin flare ups such as eczema and psoriasis.

Healing burns

The beeswax in the balm acts as a protective barrier so that the wound doesn’t get infected whilst other ingredients such as olive oil and bee propolis, use their antioxidant and antiseptic properties to heal the burn as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of the honey along with the nourishment of royal jelly help soothe the burn, alleviating overall discomfort.

Treating cuts and scrapes

In a similar process to treating burns, the beeswax acts as a protective barrier whilst the other ingredients get to work. In addition to this, keeping the skin moisturised with the balm has been proven to minimise the appearance of scars.

Hair conditioner

The beeswax creates a protective barrier around the hair, locking in the beneficial natural oils like olive oil from the balm. This helps the hair absorb moisture while also minimizing frizz. Additionally, the presence of honey and royal jelly, rich in vitamins and minerals, can provide soothing and nourishing effects for those with sensitive scalps.

After Care

The balm has versatile after care uses, including after sun, after shave and tattoo aftercare. All of these scenarios leave the skin feeling dry, irritated and uncomfortable. Yet, with the Egyptian magic balm you can nourish and moisturise your skin without exacerbating its original condition.


Egyptian Magic Balm can be used alongside hot water as a natural makeup remover. The natural oils breakdown the oils in your makeup, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. Alternatively, many Hollywood makeup artists have raved about its uses as a makeup primer, creating a glowing, dewy finish to their makeup looks.

During and after pregnancy

The emollient properties of the balm keep the skin hydrated, potentially reducing the appearance of stretch marks as the skin expands over pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women’s skin has been known to become more sensitive and prone to irritation, so the soothing properties of the balm will help combat this. The balm has further uses after pregnancy for both baby and mother. It can help with the healing of C-section scars, protecting it from infection whilst also quickening the healing process. For mothers who are breastfeeding, the nipples can become sore and cracked so the balm helps to soother and protect this sensitive skin. Finally, the natural formulation is perfect for the delicate skin of new-borns and can be used to combat problems such as nappy rash.

How to use Egyptian Magic Cream:

For skincare:

Take a small amount, rub it between your palms to transform it into oil, and gently apply to your skin. A little goes a long way. Post-shower, gently apply to damp skin for comprehensive hydration. Dab on cheekbones for a natural glow, or under eyes to address dark circles.

For haircare:

Warm it and gently massage the ends. You can also use it as a hair mask by leaving it on for an hour and washing with shampoo.


Is Egyptain Magic Cream Non-Comedogenic?

The comedogenic potential of a product refers to its probability of causing acne and is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 5. Although they haven't conducted specific tests on this aspect, numerous customers use the product to help with acne and scarring, suggesting a probable low risk. Notably, the key components are olive oil and beeswax. Olive oil scores 2 on the comedogenicity scale, while beeswax's rating varies between 0 and 2 based on factors. All other ingredients receive a rating of 0.

Do Egyptian Magic test on animals?

No, they have never tested on animals. They are also partners of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Does Egyptian Magic Cream prevent wrinkles?

One of its key ingredients is royal jelly. Royal Jelly has antioxidant properties which help combat and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What celebrities use Egyptian Magic balm?

Yes! Huge stars including Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes swear by the Egyption Magic balm.

Can you use Egyptian Magic Balm on oily skin?

Although it is an oil based formula, there have been multiple positive reactions from customers with oily skin who have used the cream.