Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100ml


Reveals a radiant complexion
Longlife Mushroom refines skin texture
Phyto-sensorial complex and Annatto oil regenerates and soothes
Recommended for skin with a dull complexion
Edelweiss extract and vitamin C, E and F complex
Densifies and redefines facial features
Visibly reduces the signs of skin ageing
Suitable for all skin types

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The Cellcosmet Previous Mask helps to restore skin's freshness and radiance. Brightens and harmonizes skin tones and reduces the size of the pores with a complex of specific clays and precious earth from the Amazon.

 Directions for use: As an intensive cure, for a healthy-looking complexion: 3 times a week for 1 month. 


Synergic complex of Precious Earth (white, pink, green and red clays): relaxing, softening, soothing, purifying, matifiying, detoxifying, oxygenating, reinvigorating, activates micro-circulation of blood in the skin.
Kombucha (long-life mushroom): provides an incomparably radiant complexion straightaway, refines the skin texture for a more uniform complexion, anti-glycation effect = anti-ageing effect, smoothes the skin surface.
Complex based on Bigarade orange blossom petals: detoxifies Witch Hazel water: astringent, reduces pore size.
Edelweiss extract (downy white flower called "Alpine everlasting flower"): anti-ageing, protective.
Antioxidant E + C + F Vitamin Complex: anti-free radicals.
Regenerating and soothing phyto-sensorial complex: calms the feeling of skin irritation, reduces redness, stimulates the production of B-endorphins known as "hormones of happiness".
Annato oil: protects and softens the skin.

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