Mason Pearson Bristle and Nylon Military Brush BN1M

This Mason Pearson brush comes in a box with a cleaning brush and care instructions.
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This pure bristle brush is best for normal to thick hair, with 8 rings of bristle and nylon tufts to stimulate blood flow to the hair roots. The density of the bristles allows conditioning sebum to be more evenly distributed from the roots to the ends of the hair. Regular brushing plays an important part in the condition of your hair. Brushing spreads essential oils along the length of the hair giving it strength, suppleness and producing a healthy sheen. To maintain the quality of the Mason Pearson hairbrush it is not mass produced. Most of the work is carried out by hand, using techniques pioneered and patented by the founder -Mason Pearson- over one hundred years ago and improved over succeeding generations.
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