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Over the past 162 years, Napiers has established itself as a leading name in the UK for complementary and natural healthcare. Napiers are committed to enhancing our health and well-being through herbal medicine and various natural therapies.

Remaining true to their heritage, they develop combination herb formulas to treat the whole person and body. Many of their medicines are also producted at traditional practitioner-strength dose levels.

Their motto "Tried, Tested & Trusted" is lived daily. Their remedies have been used by generations of people, who have returned to their products decade after decade.

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Items 1-32 of 96


All you need to know about Napiers the Herbalists

Who are Napiers the Herbalists?

Napiers the Herbalists are a renowned brand specialising in herbalism, known for offering an extensive array of herbal products aimed at addressing specific health issues as well as enhancing general health and well-being.

Committed to providing holistic support for health needs, these herbal offerings are thoughtfully formulated to encourage natural healing. From herbal aids for inflammation and skincare for natural radiance to remedies for anxiety and stress, Napiers the Herbalists provide a broad spectrum of products to cater for various health concerns.

Why Choose Napiers the Herbalists?

Napiers the Herbalists have distinguished themselves in the market thanks to their unique blend of history, quality, and holistic approach to health.

Historical legacy and expertise:

Napiers boasts a long and rich history that dates to 1860. This heritage is not only a testament to its enduring quality and trustworthiness but also reflects a deep-rooted expertise in herbal medicine.

Over the past 162 years, Napiers has established itself as one of the UK’s leading names in complementary and natural healthcare. The company is dedicated to promoting optimal health and wellbeing with herbal medicines and natural therapies.

Quality and purity of ingredients:

Napiers places a strong emphasis on incorporating natural, pure ingredients in their formulations, steering clear of harmful chemicals.

By utilising the therapeutic potential of herbs, they ensure that each product, from teas and supplements to tinctures, is crafted with the highest quality herbal plants. This commitment to purity and quality guarantees not only the safety but also the maximum effectiveness.

Wide range of products:

Napiers the Herbalists offers an extensive array of herbal supplements, tinctures and dried herbs, all meticulously crafted from high-quality herbal plants recognised for their therapeutic properties.

Catering to a wide variety of health issues, including inflammation, joint health, sleep disturbances, mood imbalances and cardiovascular wellness, their portfolio includes calming herbs and a broad spectrum of herbal remedies designed to enhance overall health.

Beyond herbal supplements, Napiers also presents a selection of natural skincare and beauty products which are formulated with botanical ingredients known for their nourishing and healing benefits.