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Neubria is a renowned health and wellness company specializing in brain health supplements. With a focus on cognitive function, mood, and sleep, Neubria offers a range of science-backed products to support overall mental well-being. Their innovative formulations aim to enhance brain performance and improve quality of life.

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    9 Items


    All you need to know about Neubria

    What is Neubria?

    Neubria is a health supplement brand that firmly believes in the interconnectedness of the mind and body. Their mission is to develop products that cater to individuals seeking a comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being. What sets Neubria apart is its dedication to scientific research, creating supplements that specifically address physical, mental, and emotional needs. Their goal is to offer a holistic and all-inclusive approach to well-being, educating people about the importance of caring for both the mind and body.

    What makes Neubria unique?

    What makes Neubria unique is a combination of key features:

    Natural Botanicals:

    Neubria supplements are made using unique combinations of vitamins, minerals and natural botanical ingredients with proven efficacy, harnessing the power of nature to support wellbeing.

    Evidence-based science:

    Neubria's products are backed by evidence-based scientific research, ensuring their effectiveness and safety. They use an extensive plant and botanical database with years of academic research, to identify compounds that deliver extensive benefits.

    Vegan and Vegetarian friendly:

    Neubria offers products suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, providing inclusive options for a wide range of individuals.

    Natural and non-addictive Formulas:

    These formulas are crafted to be natural and non-addictive to promote a balanced and sustainable approach to health.

    Trusted by pharmacists worldwide:

    Neubria supplements are recommended and trusted by pharmacists worldwide, further validating their quality and efficacy.

    Comprehensive Benefits:

    Neubria supplements cater to physical, mental, and emotional well-being providing holistic support for overall health.

    What is the science behind Neubria?

    The term "Synology" was coined by Mike Wakeman, Neubria's head of science and innovation. This innovative approach takes into account the intricate needs of individuals and their diverse lifestyles. By combining scientific evidence and natural ingredients, Synology aims to synergistically target multiple biological pathways in both the mind and body, providing comprehensive support for overall well-being.

    Neubria assesses the precise doses of vitamins and minerals required to achieve optimal well-being. Then the most suitable supplement ingredients are carefully selected and incorporated at effective levels. Using data from an extensive plant and botanical database, which has been compiled over years of academic research, specific compounds that best support the diverse benefits we aim to provide are identified.

    This approach is further bolstered by a thorough understanding of how these ingredients can work synergistically together to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the various needs of each individual.