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About Planet Paleo

Planet Paleo

Planet Paleo was founded by Ben Shouler, a nutritional therapist and naturopath with a background in nutraceutical research. He has worked with many of the leading companies in the natural health industry in an educational capacity and has a strong understanding of the complex dynamics of nutrition and herbal medicine supplementation.

Planet Paleo believe in bringing the best principles of the Paleo diet into the 21st century, mixing traditional foods with scientific advancements to create health products that taste great, are easy to use and get results. Planet Paleo collagen supplements contain large quantities of primal foods and remedies alongside nutrients that work synergistically to promote optimum health.

Collagen's main role is to provide structural support and strength, however it also protects the vital organs and provides flexibility, support and movement. It is also needed for the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells and to strengthen tendons and ligaments