Sweet Cures Quickly Test UTI Test 5V Test Strips 50

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Unique and dedicated urine tests strips have five essential test elements with no unnecessary elements present to cause confusion or distraction.
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Vets also use these urine test strips to check for infection in a large range of animals. These professional urine test strips tell you whether there is blood in the urine, as well as nitrites and leucocytes. The presence of significant amounts of any of these in the urine is considered a good marker for urinary tract infection. The combination of all three: blood; leukocytes, and nitrites, is considered by medical professionals to be a very strong indicator of infection. You can also monitor pH and progress as you take the Waterfall D-Mannose . Whether you intend to go down the medical route and take antibiotics, or use an alternative remedy for urinary tract infection, using the UTI Test 5V urine test strips allow you to monitor the state of your urine.

How to use:

Have the pack of test strips handy and remove the external polythene seal wrapper.
Urinate into a clean container.
Remove a strip and close the tub tightly.
Dip the test strip into the urine for the count of two. Just count ‘one new second two new seconds’.
Tap the test strip on the side of the container to remove urine excess. Urine making a connection between test elements confuses the results by passing chemicals between the elements.
Wait 30 seconds and check the second from bottom (pH) first. If the reagent has gone orange, that’s probably too acidic to help your body get rid of an infection. If it has gone deep green remember that high alkalinity may irritate the bladder as much as high acidity. You can adjust your urine pH by diet. See/call a dietician.
Immediately then check the middle indicator (Protein). Any greenish - turquoise colouration indicates the presence of protein. This could mean kidney infection or kidneys not working efficiently. See a medical professional.
So, after the first 30 seconds you’ve checked the pH and protein. You check the bottom indicator for Blood next. If within 60 seconds of dipping a strip the bottom indicator goes Green, it means the presence of red blood in your urine. It could have been visible in the sample of urine. This can be caused by a number of different things. See a medical professional for advice.
Now switch your thinking to pink... You are looking for pink colouration in the second top indicator. This shows the presence of Nitrites which are cracked from Nitrates in our bladder by bacteria, so any pink coloration means you may have a bacterial urine infection.
Finally, when you have checked the Nitrites reagent, go to the top indicator to look for Leucocytes in your urine (essentially white blood cells). If the top indicator goes Pink within two minutes of dipping the strip, bladder or urethral inflammation is indicated and perhaps are present.

Full Product Information
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