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Tahi honey logoSituated in a remarkably secluded northern region of New Zealand, Tahi boasts an exceptionally distinct flavour profile for its honey. The honey, branded as 100% Full Circle, aligns with biodiversity enhancement, reflecting a commitment to the environment. It remains untouched by overheating or pasteurisation without any artificial additives. Tahi's honey maintains complete traceability to its origins, untainted by GMOs and GE. Tahi honey contains no added sugar or water, and above all, diligently avoids the use of chemicals. This approach ensures that the honey is entirely and unequivocally natural, staying true to the essence of nature's intention.

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    All you need to know about Tahi Honey

    What makes Tahi honey unique?

    Tahi Honey stands out for its uniqueness due to its origin in the remote and biodiverse landscapes of northern New Zealand. Harvested with utmost respect for nature, it remains unadulterated by artificial additives, overheating, or pasteurisation. The commitment to sustainability, GMO-free status, and full traceability further underscore its exceptional character, offering a pure and authentic taste of nature.

    How is Tahi honey harvested?

    Tahi Honey is harvested using an eco-friendly approach. Expert beekeepers carefully collect honeycombs from the hives during optimal conditions, ensuring minimal disruption to the bees and their habitat. The honey is then extracted using methods that preserve its natural qualities. This careful process ensures that the honey retains its pure, unadulterated flavour and benefits.

    What is biodiversity-positive honey?

    Biodiversity-positive honey is harvested in a way that not only ensures the well-being of honeybees but also contributes to the overall health and diversity of the surrounding ecosystem. This approach involves promoting the growth of native plants, preserving habitats, and minimising the use of chemicals, resulting in honey that reflects a harmonious relationship between bees, nature, and the environment.

    Are there different flavours of Tahi Honey?

    Tahi Honey offers a range of distinct flavours, each reflecting the unique floral sources of the remote northern New Zealand region where it's harvested. These natural variations in nectar create a diverse palate of flavours, from rich and robust to delicate and floral, providing a selection that caters to various taste preferences.