Terranova Cordyceps,Rhodiola & Ginseng Super-Blend Caps 50


Terranova Cordyceps,Rhodiola & Ginseng Super-Blend is:
Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

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Cordyceps, Rhodiola & Ginseng super-blend powder are perfect if you enjoy exercising and eating healthily. They can help balance your metabolism and help your body adapt to physical changes. They also help your body maintain a healthy circulation.

What is Magnifood?
Each Terranova nutritional product is enhanced with its own synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods, called Magnifood. Magnifood ingredients are combined in a manner which enhances the body’s biochemical environment in order to maximise the potential benefits of the product’s vitamins, minerals and/or other nutrients. Many of the plants used in Magnifood are fresh freeze dried. Research shows that fresh freeze drying has the unique ability to retain a plant’s enzymes, and is shown to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, stability, solubility and preservation of a plant’s original fresh chemistry (as it was when the plant was harvested).

Cordyceps has historically been used for its adaptogenic properties and may support endurance, healthy energy metabolism, exercise tolerance and oxygen utilisation.

Rhodiola Root
Rhodiola has significant adaptogenic properties and may support healthy energy metabolism and nerve function.

American Ginseng
One of the most researched of adaptogens, American Ginseng may help support healthy adrenal function and energy metabolism.

Ginger Rhizome/Root
In addition to its common use in helping maintain healthy circulation, ginger is also often used to help facilitate distribution of nutrients in the body.

Avena Sativa (Green Oat Seed)
The milk stage of oat seeds are often con- sidered a valuable botanical for supporting adrenal and nerve health. In addition to gramine and avenin, milky oat seeds are a rich source of adrenal and nerve tonifying B-vitamins and minerals

Cayenne Fruit
The fruit of cayenne pepper is often used as a tonic to help maintain healthy circulation. It is also commonly used to help facilitate distribution of nutrients in the body.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless on the advice of a healthcare practitioner. If taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product. Do NOT use if suffering with bipolar disorder. Do NOT use if taking prescribed antidepressant drugs unless on the advice of a physician.

Ingredients ¼ TEASPOON (APPROX. 1.25g) TYPICALLY PROVIDES: PHYTOFRESH COMPLEX 1.25g Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) - fresh freeze dried - rice-grown 500mg Rhodiola Root Extract (Rhodiola rosea) - freeze dried aqueous extract 300mg [3% Rosavins / 1% salidroside] American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) - fresh freeze dried 300mg Ginger Rhizome/Root (Zingiber officinale) - fresh freeze dried 90mg Green Oat Seed (Avena sativa) -fresh freeze dried 50mg Cayenne Fruit (Capsicum annuum) - fresh freeze dried 10mg
Disclaimer Please note: The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from individual to individual.
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