Wake Up Feeling Good: The Best Energy Tablets To Supplement Your 2019

Wake Up Feeling Good: The Best Energy Tablets To Supplement Your 2019

By Girish Desai Pharmacist (GPhC 2019217)

Christmas is over and a new year has begun. You have many well intentioned new year’s resolutions but the problem is, you’re tired. Your skin is dry, nails brittle, and quite frankly, you just don’t have the energy. Below we outline how you can boost your energy through lifestyle and find the right energy tablets to support you in feeling the new, clear minded, healthy, and energetic you of 2019.

You’ve heard it one hundred times before, but it is true:

1. Supplement Your Sleep

Get proper sleep. In our 100mph lives this can seem like an impossibility...plus you can sleep when you’re dead, right? Not really.

Not only is sleep important to have some time out for your stresses and thoughts - which consume lots of energy - but also when you sleep your body spends its time repairing cells, restoring your heart and blood vessels. Having enough, good sleep helps us to feel alert, energetic and better balanced emotionally and physically.

It is also means that you won’t be searching for short burst sugar fixes during the day which, whilst giving a short term buzz, will leave you in a gluten coma - actually more damaging to your energy levels in the long run.

You can help yourself sleep well with Magnesium:

Magnesium Helps You Sleep Better

As well as helping the body to convert food into energy, magnesium plays a role in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. It is also thought to help the regulation of serotonin and dopamine (important players in your sleep/wake cycle). By supplementing your body with Magnesium you will be making it easier for your body to relax and assist in the onset of sleep.

To help with your sleep regulation, we recommend you try BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion:

Quieten your mind and body before bed with BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion.

2. Supplement Your Detox

With your body not focusing on processing the toxins in alcohol and cigarettes your body should be able to function at its optimum level. You will wake with a clearer head and the blood running through your veins will be free of nasty toxins.

Removing the fuzz in your life can help you to focus, feel happier and to put your energy into those things that help you feel more energised…

But quitting addictive substances is hard - from both a physical and habitual point of view. Try and replace your habits with new ones that make you feel good. Justify a trip to the cinema that would have cost the same as going to the pub...and to help your body in its adjustments, supplement it with some very good multivitamins.

Energise Your Immune System With Multivitamins

This multi vitamin and mineral formula with antioxidants and phyto-nutrients by Solgar provides important support to help your body build its immunity and prevent oxidative stress:

Build your body’s immunity with some very good multivitamins

Maximise Your Detox With Green Tea

Still thinking about those ciggies? Replace your fag break with time looking up a holiday that you can go on once you’ve saved the same amount in not smoking - and to help you on your way to detox give yourself a hit of the goodness you get from green tea, one of the oldest antioxidants around. Get double the effect and a fraction of the caffeine with  Lamberts’ Green Tea extract supplements:

Get double the effect and a fraction of the caffeine with Lamberts’ Green Tea extract supplements.

3. Supplement Your Exercise

Annoyingly true...Exercise that gets your heart rate going increases blood and oxygen flow - raising your energy levels and releasing endorphins. They even say it helps prevent cancer.

You don’t have to go hard on yourself to start, just get your heart pumping and feel yourself be out of breath for 20 minutes a day - a fast paced walk to work perhaps - and build from there.

Finding the exercise gives you aches and pains? Try taking fish oil supplements to support your joints:

Feel Less Pain With Fish Oils

Maintain healthy joints by getting lots of oily fish like sardines, herring, mackerel and salmon into your diet...and if you’re not a fish eater (and that means eating the above at least twice a week) try Higher Nature’s Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

Maintain healthy joints with Omega 3 fish oil supplements.

4. Supplement Your Diet

Remember that programme “You are what you eat”? Remember all those lessons in biology about a healthy and balanced diet? Need a recap? ! Eat a variety of food types in moderation to give your body the best chance of getting what it needs to function well...and feel energised!

Get ahead by helping your body to improve its metabolism with B Vitamins:

Boost Your Metabolism With B-Vitamins

B-vitamins are all involved in energy production through helping your body convert food to energy. We think that Viridian’s High Twelve Vitamin B12 Complex vitamins offer one of the best combinations of B vitamins to increase metabolism and red blood cell formation - which in turn will reduce tiredness and fatigue.

We think that Viridian’s High Twelve Vitamin B12 Complex vitamins offer one of the best combinations of B vitamins.

Practicing Vegetarianism or Veganism?

Whilst you can maintain a healthy diet without meat and dairy, you need to be more careful that you are getting the right vitamins and minerals from what you are eating - and if not, to consider supplementing them. Of particular importance are Vitamin B-12, Iodine and Iron:

Get The Most Out Of Your Food With Vitamin B-12  

Vitamin B-12 has a variety of roles, one of them being to help your body to convert food into energy. There is little B12 in vegetables, grains and fruit, so make sure you make this an essential supplement to your diet if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Protect Your Metabolism With Iodine  

Iodine is essential to your metabolism and thyroid function (a gland responsible for our metabolic rate and hormone production). Vegans are considered to be at risk of iodine deficiency. A  supplement can contribute to maintaining thyroid function, improve energy and aid metabolism - helping you to stop feeling sluggish.

Iron Makes Healthy Red Blood Cells

Your body needs iron to make healthy red blood cells (and thus transport oxygen around your body efficiently). Iron from animals is more easily absorbed into our bodies than iron from plants, so vegans and vegetarians are often advised to supplement it. Iron deficiency is linked to tiredness, shortness of  breath and a fuzzy brain.

By adding an iron supplement to your diet you might be able to increase your normal energy levels and reduce your sense of tiredness.

5. Supplement Your Work/Life Balance

Stress affects us more physically than our brains let us realise. It is important to slow down at times as stress manifests itself physically in the body through disturbing our breathing, our emotions and our sleep - ultimately affecting our day to day energy levels by eating up vital reserves of nervous energy derived from our natural fight or flight response. Whilst it is important to have some stress in our lives, it should not be a constant. Try calming your mind with mindfulness and meditation techniques - balancing your body with your mind in yoga, tai chi or pilates practice is also useful.

Calm Down With Rhodiola

To help calm yourself, try Rhodiola, a plant that has been used to enhance energy, balance your mood and reduce stress for centuries. We think that Nature's Answer have one of the best products out there:

To help calm yourself, try Rhodiola!

If you have any questions or want more suggestions for supplementing your health in 2019, get in contact with one of our qualified pharmacists at [email protected]


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