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AHS source pharmaceutical food-grade collagen for all their products. The collagen is typically hydrolysed which makes it easy to dissolve into liquids like water, juice, tea or coffee. The hydrolisation process also makes the product virtually tasteless. AHS has been producing premium grade collagen supplements for more than a decade.

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    8 Items


    All you need to know about AHS

    Who are AHS?

    AHS are a leading supplier of high-quality natural supplements and skincare products which offer consumers access to collagen-based products to promote beauty, health and well-being.

    Through extensive research and cutting-edge technology, AHS develop products of incomparable quality with an emphasis on Super Collagen Types I & III and Collagen Type II dietary supplements.

    What is the difference between collagen types I & III and Type II dietary supplements?

    Collagen Type I & III dominate as the prevalent variations of collagen within the body. They play a central role in constituting the fundamental building blocks of our hair, skin, bones, and connective tissues. These types of collagens provide strength as well as elasticity and firmness to the skin.

    Collagen type 2 is primarily localised within joints and cartilage. It provides a cushioning and support mechanism so that joints can function smoothly. This distinctive role makes it particularly valuable for those grappling with arthritis as it helps the smooth operation of joints.

    How do the collagen supplements work?

    These supplements work by providing the essential constituents required for collagen production. The amino acids within the collagen supplements are assimilated into the blood stream where the body will utilise them to repair and regenerate collagen within your skin, bones, and connective tissues.

    What is the best way to take AHS collagen?

    There is no set way to take the collagen powders. You can add them into beverages like water, smoothies, or juices. Or you can add it to food. Always read the guidelines on the label.