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Calvin Klein captures an essence of modernity in all that he does. From the pared-down elegance of his couture designs to his fresh take on the world of fragrance, everything that the style maestro touches turns to gold.

With almost 45 years in the fashion industry, Klein has single-handedly made designer jeans and underwear covetable, and has generated some serious fashion moments with his iconic advertisements.

As with his fashion, each Calvin Klein fragrance expresses essential elements of the spirit of the times. From the sophistication and sexiness of the collection fragrances Obsession, Eternity, Escape, and Contradiction, to the modern edge of cK One and cK Be, Calvin Klein fragrances embody the essence of modern men and women.

Their passions, their spirit, their style.

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    All you need to know about Calvin Klein

    What makes Clain Klein fragrances unique?

    What does Calvin Klein obsession smell like?

    Calvin Klein Obsession is a classic fragrance that exudes a captivating and alluring aura. It opens with a distinct blend of mandarin, bergamot, and bitter orange, creating a refreshing burst of citrus notes. The heart of the fragrance reveals a seductive fusion of exotic spices like clove, nutmeg, and coriander, adding depth and sensuality. As the scent evolves, a warm and inviting base emerges, featuring amber, musk, and vanilla, which envelop the wearer in an intoxicating embrace. With its oriental and woody undertones, Calvin Klein Obsession delivers a rich, spicy, and unforgettable olfactory experience that evokes passion, desire, and a hint of mystery.

    What are the most popular Calvin Klein perfumes/colognes?

    Calvin Klein has produced several iconic and highly popular perfumes and colognes over the years. Some of the most sought-after fragrances from the brand include Calvin Klein Eternity, a timeless and romantic scent that combines notes of mandarin, jasmine, and sandalwood; Calvin Klein Obsession, a captivating and alluring fragrance with warm notes of amber, spices, and vanilla; Calvin Klein CK One, a unisex fragrance that revolutionized the industry with its fresh and clean blend of bergamot, pineapple, and musk; and Calvin Klein Euphoria, a sophisticated and sensual scent featuring exotic notes of pomegranate, black orchid, and mahogany. These fragrances have gained immense popularity and are synonymous with the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and modern sensibility.