Clarins Men Shave Ease Two-in-One Oil 30ml

Clarins Men Shave Ease Two-in-One Oil is a comfortable and easy shaving oil.
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Even the toughest of hairs can have a sensitive side. ClarinsMen’s comforting shaving oil—with essential oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Mint organic drops ideal for healthy hair growth—softens stubble to banish and fight against razor burn. A close, clean, friction-free shave from now on. Use alone or before Smooth Shave.

How to use: Use Shave Ease shaving oil in two ways. Apply before shaving gel to soften stubble and help prevent razor burn. Or use shaving oil alone for a quick, easy shave. Tip just a small amount into the palm of one hand, warm between both palms and smooth over the areas to be shaved. Suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients

Olive extract: films protectively over the skin and ensures the razor glides smoothly.
Camomile: soothes and comforts.
Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils: energise and purify the skin.

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Roly wrote:
I do not know how it works or why but it is superb!

I got a free sample with one of my orders and immediately ordered a full size bottle, it really is that good and you only need the smallest amount.

Shaving is now a pleasure once again.
Bag Puss wrote:
My husband is a Clarins convert!!!! He swears by this product and won't be without it. It improves the closeness of the shave and conditions the skin preventing razor burn and rash.

Helen wrote:
My husband was getting frustrated with shaving foams not actually giving a good shave with his electric razor so I suggested he move over to shaving oil. He tried some of the cheaper brands and thought they were a great improvement. When I did my Clarins order near his birthday I bought him a bottle of this as a treat. When he ran out he moved back to his cheaper versions and proclaimed 'Typical Clarins, they've made a much better version and now these just feel wrong!' So Clarins, yours is officially lighter, better smelling, leaves softer skin and is generally more comfortable than the competition. One happy hubby, and one happy wife as I get a nice smelling freshly shaved husband each morning :o)