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Natural Hangover Cure

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What if the morning after could feel as good as the night before? 

HANG=OVER has been designed to ensure exactly that. It's something you take before or whilst you drink which gets rid of the nasty effects of a hangover. 

Discover HANG=OVER today for great mornings after great nights before. 

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    All you need to know about HANG=OVER

    How to get rid of a hangover

    Unfortunately if you are already hungover some things will make a small difference but nothing can fully cure that wretched feeling.

    You can try taking Vitamin B12 and electrolytes. This will help to rehydrate you and give you an energy boost.

    Yogurts may help to rebalance to gut acidity that builds up when you consume a lot of alcohol.

    You could also consider taking a nap during the day to sleep off some of the worst effects.

    How long does a hangover last?

    Hangovers tend to last or around 12-18 hours. Unfortunately for a lot of people this means that the entire day after a big night out can be wasted feeling dreadful. This is especially challenging if you’ve had a big work night out.

    What is a hangover?

    A hangover is your body’s natural response to excessive alcohol consumption. They usually start to take effect hours after you stop drinking and the alcohol levels in your blood falls. In part your brain dehydrates and that gives the feeling of having a sore head.

    Some people experience nausea because their stomachs struggle to cope with the toxicity of the gut environment.

    Lastly a lot of people experience poor sleep under the influence of alcohol meaning that you have a general feeling of fatigue.

    Can you prevent a hangover?

    Whilst it’s not 100% guaranteed and not 100% effective, HANG=OVER has remarkable potency and the combination of natural ingredients are all designed to work in tandem to protect you from the worst effects of a hangover. The customer reviews speak for themselves when it comes to our product.