Paco Rabanne Pure XS Eau de Toilette 100ml


Top Notes: Ginger, Green Accord, Thyme
Heart Notes: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Leather, Liquor
Base Notes: Cedar, Myrrh, Sugar

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Pure XS is explosive freshness and burning sensuality. Excess in its purest state. His sex-appeal is disturbing, beyond-control. It would appear he has it all, a pure utopia. Pure desire. Magnetic, excess in its purest state.

Pure XS is an oriental combination of fresh spices and heated resins and woods. The first excess: explosive freshness. During this foreplay, the senses go wild and the palate tingles with an overdose of almost icy ginger. A juicy, delicious, bite inducing,aphrodisiac. A carnal second wind: the green creaminess of vegetal sap and ultra-masculine thyme. The second excess and double indecency: smouldering sensuality. Cinnamon adds a piquant touch and makes mouths water. A spicy sin!Followed by a surge of power with deep, noble vanilla infused with leather-liquor-musk inflections. Sweet animality. Finally, it’s time to let go and sink into the pulsing warmth of myrrh dusted with sugar.

A contemporary design that gives rise to the idea of a lighter, Pure XS opens up, one handed with a black lacquered cap. The bottle is a weighty glass with polished edges: instinctive and substantial. Packaged in velvet, all is luxuriously sensual. Electric blue and gold, the shock of sensory contradictions.

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