Sweet Cures Wild Oregano Oil C80 25ml

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The most powerful natural anti-microbial in the world has properties that fight bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. In February 2000, British researchers reported in the Journal of Applied Microbiology that oregano oil demonstrated antibacterial activity against 25 different bacteria.
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Sweet Cures' potent Wild Oregano Oil C80 is only available in liquid form and can be diluted with a carrier oil (at a ratio of 1:30) before being applied topically or mixed with any type of milk and taken as a drink. It should then be washed down immediately with a much larger glass of the same milk to avoid burning of the mouth or throat. Avoid applying the undiluted oil directly on skin. In case of accidental spillage, use an edible oil to wash and remove any Wild Oregano Oil C80 , followed by soap.

Wild Oregano Oil C80 should be taken as required to combat and prevent infection. When fighting infection, four to eight drops can be mixed into a glass of milk, three to four times per day. For maintenance or as prophylaxis, two drops a day is usually sufficient. Keep the bottle sealed tightly and out of direct light to avoid oxidisation and maintain full strength.

If you really can't stand the taste of oil of oregano, simply buy a pack of empty vegetarian capsules in any good health food store, fill with 4 to 6 drops using the built-in dropper, close the capsule and swallow it down.

Using against infection and other problems
If using Oregano Oil on a daily basis, take a break for a few days every two weeks or so, to give the liver a rest, and give your immune system a chance to get back to work.

Using as a prophylactic
Two drops a day, taken to boost the immune system and prevent infection is usually sufficient, except in the most hostile of environments, such as if you are working or living in a place where you are likely to be contaminated by others.

80% Carvacrol Hand-Picked Mediterranean Eco-Certified Organic Wild Oregano Oil C80 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil base.

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