Benefits of shilajit for females

Shilajit Benefits for Women’s Health

06/07/2024 - Written by Rhysa Phommachanh BA (hons) 

Historically, shilajit resin has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its health benefits including enhancing energy, improving cognitive function, and immune health support to name a few. Recently, this shilajit resin has gained popularity worldwide due to its potential boost general health and well-being. 

In this blog, we are focusing on how shilajit may benefit women’s health concerns in numerous ways, delving into common problems such as the menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), PMS, and hormone balance.

Shilajit on rocks of the high mountain ranges

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky, tar-like substance found in the rocks of the high mountain ranges, most notably the Himalayas, Altai Mountains, and Caucasus Mountains. Formed over centuries by the gradual decomposition of certain plants by microorganisms, shilajit is rich in fulvic acid, minerals, and other bioactive compounds including caffeic acid and gallic acid. 

Is Shilajit good for women to take?

Shilajit has become an increasingly popular natural supplement among women for its wide range of health benefits. The broad spectrum of nutrients in shilajit, including fulvic acid, humic acid, and over 84 minerals, makes it a comprehensive supplement for women's health. Its versatility in addressing various health concerns, from hormonal balance to skin health, has made it a staple in many women's wellness routines.

Health Benefits of Shilajit for Women

health benefits of shilajit resin for women

Shilajit offers numerous health benefits for women, including:

Boosts Energy Levels

Shilajit may help to enhance mitochondrial function, which can improve energy production at the cellular level, making you feel more energised. This boost can be especially beneficial during periods of hormonal fluctuation, such as perimenopause and PMS, when fatigue is common.

Supports Cognitive Health

The high fulvic acid content in shilajit is known to improve brain function, enhance memory, and protect against cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s disease. Many women going through perimenopause and menopause transitions complain about brain fog, including memory loss and forgetfulness.

May Support Fertility

Shilajit has been shown to support reproductive health and may improve fertility in women. In an animal study, researchers found that shilajit was able to induce ovulation in females, compared to the control group. This suggests that shilajit could also act as a natural solution to women dealing with conditions like PCOS, which can affect ovulation and reproductive function.

Balances Hormones

Shilajit may help regulate hormones, particularly insulin, which can become imbalanced due to conditions like PCOS. This imbalance can lead to insulin resistance, high blood glucose levels, and other metabolic disturbances. An animal study also found that shilajit was able to control blood glucose levels.

Supports Bone Health

The minerals in shilajit, such as calcium and magnesium, are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Daily shilajit supplementation significantly improved bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, compared to a placebo. Additionally, shilajit reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, supporting bone health and mitigating risks associated with oestrogen deficiency during the menopause.

Aids in Weight Management

Research suggests that women aged 25 - 45 years old are at a higher risk for weight gain and future obesity, and this could be due to behavioural, psychological, and hormonal fluctuations. By boosting metabolism and energy levels, shilajit can aid in weight management

PCOS can also increase risks of weight gain in women due to its role in insulin resistance, which shilajit has been found to mitigate.

Tackles signs of skin ageing:

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of shilajit can improve skin health, reduce signs of ageing, and promote a healthy complexion. A study found that supplementation of shilajit in healthy adult women stimulated genes that promote the movement and growth of endothelial cells, which are crucial for the formation of new blood vessels. This resulted in enhanced microcirculation in the skin, potentially improving skin health and appearance.

Supports Heart Health:

Women who experience gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related high blood pressure disorders, such as gestational hypertension or preeclampsia, face an increased long-term risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, experiencing early menopause (before age 45) increases your risk of coronary heart disease. Shilajit may improve heart health by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, particularly important for post-menopausal women, who are at an increased risk of heart disease. An evaluation found that administering 2 grams of Shilajit daily reduced cholesterol while improving HDL ‘good’ cholesterol and antioxidant status.

Does Shilajit Increase Testosterone in Females?

Shilajit is known to support testosterone levels, primarily in men, but it also has an adaptogenic effect that can help balance hormones in women. While shilajit may slightly influence testosterone levels, it primarily aids in balancing overall hormonal levels rather than significantly increasing testosterone in females.

Shilajit resin mix in water

Is Shilajit Safe to Take Daily?

Yes, shilajit is generally considered safe to take daily when consumed in appropriate amounts. It is essential to choose a high-quality, purified form of shilajit to avoid contaminants. As with any supplement, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting shilajit, especially for those with underlying health conditions or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Daily Shilajit Dosage:

The recommended dosage of shilajit can vary based on individual health needs and the form of shilajit used (e.g., resin, powder, or capsules). Generally, a daily dose of 250 to 500 mg is suggested. It is best to follow the dosage instructions provided on the product packaging.

Side Effects

Common side effects of Shilajit include digestive issues such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. These side effects are generally uncommon but can occur in some individuals. Another risk to consider is Heavy Metal Contamination, some Shilajit supplements may contain heavy metals so it's important to use a purified shilajit such as KIKI Health Himalayan Shilajit Resin.

Avoid Shilajit If:

You have an active heart disease or with a history of hypotension should avoid taking shilajit to prevent a drop in blood pressure. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid Shilajit supplements due to insufficient safety data. Additionally, those with conditions such as hemochromatosis (excess iron) or who are on medications for chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension should consult a healthcare provider before use to avoid potential interactions.


Can Shilajit Be Used for Menopause?

Shilajit can be beneficial for women going through menopause. It helps in managing menopausal symptoms by balancing hormones, reducing fatigue, and improving mood. Its adaptogenic properties can help alleviate stress and improve overall well-being during this transitional phase.

Will Shilajit Balance My Hormones?

Shilajit is known for its adaptogenic properties, which help the body adapt to stress and maintain hormonal balance. By supporting the endocrine system, shilajit can help regulate the production and release of hormones, contributing to overall hormonal balance.

Can Shilajit Lower Cortisol?

Shilajit has the potential to lower cortisol levels due to its adaptogenic properties. By helping the body manage stress more effectively, shilajit may support the body in overcoming physical and mental stress, potentially reducing cortisol production, which in turn can alleviate stress-related symptoms and improve overall health.

Can Shilajit Help Me If I Have PCOS?

Yes, Shilajit may help manage PCOS symptoms by balancing hormones, improving insulin sensitivity, and supporting reproductive health.


Shilajit is a potent natural supplement that offers a range of health benefits for women. From boosting energy levels and supporting cognitive health to balancing hormones and enhancing skin health, shilajit can be a valuable addition to a woman’s wellness routine.



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