Clarins Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance 100ml

Great fragrance, great feeling! Its unique fragrance based on Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme and Rosemary revives and refreshes to the delight of men and women.
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The Clarins Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance is the first eau de toilette that combines a perfume with the treatment power of plants in accordance with the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. In a single step, this eau de toilette perfumes, hydrates and tones.

As a sign of continuous progress, the fragrance bottle and its cover have been designed with the environment in mind. The bottle can be refilled and its components come apart to facilitate waste sorting.* The cardboard cover is recyclable and has been made from paper obtained from sustainable forests. The total mass and number of components have been reduced.

How to use: Non photo-sensitising formula. Used all over the body as a spray or splash after a shower or at any time during the day, to provide energy and a feeling of intense freshness. Perfuming the body becomes a gentle, final act of body care to ensure a feeling of well-being, the Clarins way!

Key Ingredients

Essential aromatic skin care oils (citrus, patchouli, white thyme, bitter orange, rosemary) are used to perfume, resulting in a feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being.
Extracts of ginseng, eleutherocoque and harpagophytum to tone.
Aloe and ispaghul extract to hydrate and soften.

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Micha wrote:
I received this in a gift box for Xmas and absolutely love it. The first thing I checked for was if it was available as perfume, unfortunately it is not. I will keep on purchasing this though, along with the shower gel and body lotion.

Thank you to my friend for buying this for me and thanks to Clarins for the product.
Porti wrote:
In my teenage years up to my 30's, I suffered from migraine headaches. Strong perfumes (most fragrances) would trigger a headache immediately- I only needed someone to walk pass me and I'd be incapacitated for 24hrs. I stopped wearing any fragrances until a lady at the Clarins counter suggested this fragrance. I have never looked back. It is refreshing, youthful, classy and demure in its scent..subtle but distinctly punchy with its essential oils. You know when someone walks past you that they are wearing Eau Dynamisante because it has the most unique smell. I also love the fact that friends always comment at how lovely I smell and ask for another hug!
Elektra wrote:
This is by far the most rejuvenating fragrance on the market. It's also a healthy fragrance! I just wish Clarins would bring back the satin finish body oil..It was a beautiful oil and its scent would last even more than the spray because it was an oil - great for drier skin types. We are waiting Clarins for the oil....
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