Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisturising Quenching Bi-Phase Serum 30ml


Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisturising Quenching Bi-Phase Serum is a hydrating serum for parched skin.

Reactivates the skin’s self-hydrating power
Feeling of freshness on the skin
Your skin is fresh radiant, and vibrant

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As light as it is comfortable, this intense hydrating bi-phase serum quenches irritated, dull, and uneven skin. Its secret? Organic, medicinal kalanchoe extract, a powerful natural hydration activator that boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid* production. Its beauty bonus? Bi-Phase Serum refines the skin’s texture and smooths its surface. Your quenched skin is fresh, comfortable, radiant, and vibrant. For even more hydration, Bi-Phase Serum can be used together with the Hydra-Essentiel cream suitable for your skin type.
*The “sponge molecule”: the skin’s natural water retention system

Water is essential to life and also your skin’s beauty. Your daily schedule can cause your skin to dehydrate.

Bi-Phase Serum protects the skin’s barrier to give thirsty skin optimal hydration, in any circumstance.

Sudden temperature changes in warm or cold air, dry or humid air, environmental extremes and pollutants... can all alter the skin’s natural water retention systems.

Well moisturised skin is skin that can capture and retain water thanks to its “sponge molecules”: a natural system of water retention which allows the skin to maintain ideal percentages of water at all skin levels.

The skin’s capacity to retain water is restored through organic leaf of life extract, which naturally stimulates the expression of genes at the origin of these water-retaining “sponge molecules” and boosts the natural, direct synthesis of hyaluronic acid, the major “sponge molecule”, in the dermis and epidermis.

The Hydra-Essentiel range contains Clarins’ anti-pollution complex to protect the skin against the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution. Skin appears younger and its radiance is revealed immediately.

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Patricia Todd wrote:
Works really well for my skin which is quite dry and sensitive
Helen Wass wrote:
More like a liquid than a serum, very thin, so a bit disappointed really