Behind The TikTok Trend: Clarins Lip Oil

Behind The TikTok Trend: Clarins Lip Oil

The 90s revival is in full swing and ultra-glossy lips abound on TikTok. Lip oils are taking over fashion and beauty and we're here to explain why. We'll also look at what lip oil is exactly, the benefits, and which is best. 

What Sparked The Revival Of Lip Oils?

The shiny lip lewk, a feature of 1990s beauty, hasn't ever really gone away. But it dwindled in popularity after the end of the 90s. Now, after thirty years, the 90s has become THE revival decade, particularly among the younger generation born after the new millenium. Evidence of this comes from the huge popularity of lip oils on TikTok.

Since TikTok is the app du jour of the later-born generation Z (generation Z is most often defined as anyone born between 1993 and 2018), a boom on the social media platform has signalled that glossy lips are a must-do style trend, again. After all, teens are often early adopters of what will soon become the top trends – like they were with TikTok.

The saturation of lip oil content is clear on TikTok, with beauty influencers and celebrities alike showing off slick lips, offering best buys on lip oils and top tips for how to apply and when. Add in that beauty and style publications, like Glamour and Harper's Bazaar, are reporting on lip oils and it's clear lip oils have returned and re-established their place.

Clarins Lip Oils Are So Popular, Kylie Jenner Tried To Copy Them 

Naturally, with a new beauty trend covering the market, there are bound to be people trying to replicate the most popular lip oils. Clarins have been one of the top brands on TikTok for lip oils. As an established, well-regarded skincare brand, their products are well loved. So when Kylie Jenner released a set of lip oils, comparisons were immediately made between her product design and that of Clarins and another popular TikTok brand, the legendary Dior

Clarins lip oils often sell out quickly, thanks to the unanimous praise the products receive. Jenner's launch attempted to provide a similar product while Clarins was sold out, by emulating their product. While imitation is the sincerest of flattery, one should only use the best. 

Now you know why lip oils have become the product on everyone's lips, let's look at what they are for and which ones are best. 

What Are Lip Oils?

Lip oils are like levelled-up lip glosses. They are super-hydrating for lips and offer a stylish, sleek shine. The glossy look won't feel sticky once it's set.

What Are Lip Oils Made Of?

Lip oils are typically made from a natural oil, or combination of them, such as: coconut, almond, avocado oil or beeswax. These oils have natural nutrients, like fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which make them great for your lips.

Each lip oil formula is a little different, but most will contain a combination of nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts, similar to what you'd find in lip balms. Then for style, many include different colours and scents.

Best Lip Oils

It's impossible to argue with the recommendations of beauty gurus and TikTok influencers alike. Clarins Lip Oil, if you can get it, is the perfect and best choice. 

For an extra smooth feel, rich moisturising and a clean, slick look, we would recommend the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil. It’s a great starter lip oil for everyone. It is available in 8 shades, ranging from a mellow apricot to a rich plum.