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Grether’s Pastilles have a remarkable history. The pastilles, which are made from blackcurrant juice, were first mentioned in England in the 19th century. Here, the family enterprise Allen & Hanburry Ltd. started the long tradition of pastille production.

As early as 1910, the pastilles were available and known in Switzerland by the name of Allenbury's, their original name. And at that time already, the soothing Blackcurrant Pastilles were indispensable when suffering from a sore throat, husky voice or hoarseness.

At the beginning of the 1930s, the company Doetsch Grether AG in Basel, Switzerland, acquired the distribution rights. After relocation of the production to Switzerland, the brand name was changed to Grether's Pastilles in 1974. However, the traditional production process is still in use today.

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    More information about Grether's Pastilles

    How are Grether's Pastilles Made? 

    The pastilles are made in Switzerland and use a traditional Swiss recipe that combines natural fruit juices, extracts, and other ingredients. They are known for their distinct taste and soft, chewy texture, which sets them apart from other throat lozenges on the market. The precise manufacturing method for Grether's Pastilles, however, is a closely guarded secret. 

    What are Grether's Pastilles Made from? 

    The formulation of Grether's Pastilles includes glycerin, which helps to provide a protective and soothing effect on the throat. These pastilles are also rich in vitamin C and other natural ingredients, making them a favorite among individuals looking for a natural and effective remedy for throat discomfort.

    What are Grether's Pastilles used for? 

    They are often recommended by healthcare professionals, singers, public speakers, and individuals who rely on their voice for professional purposes. The pastilles are delicious and equally popular in place of traditional confectionary.  

    Important note about Grether's Pastilles

    It's important to note that while Grether's Pastilles can provide temporary relief for throat irritation and coughs, they are not meant to replace medical treatment. If you have persistent throat issues or a severe cough, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional.

    Do Grether’s products contain any artificial colours or flavours?

    Grether's products do not contain any artificial colours or flavours. They prioritize using natural ingredients to create their high-quality products. Grether's product line includes throat lozenges and candy, which are made with carefully selected ingredients to provide soothing relief. By avoiding artificial colours and flavours, Grether's ensures that their products are natural and free from any synthetic additives.