HealthAid Aloe Vera 5000mg caps 30

Aloe Vera capsules may be of benefit to;
People with digestive, ulcerative conditions or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Those who have inflamed, cracked or chapped skin and those with severe problems such as psoriasis
Adults and children who have sunburn, scars or burns as capsules can be pierced and used topically.
Those who need to heal wounds internally and externally after surgery or injuries.
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HealthAid Aloe Vera 5000mg Capsules contain Aloe Vera, also known as ‘Nature’s Miracle Plant’ has been used through the centuries both internally and externally for its proven and wide ranging beneficial properties to the human body. Used internally it helps harmonise the body systems, especially the gastro-intestinal tract. Used externally it helps with a smooth, glowing complexion.

Recommended Daily Intake of HealthAid Aloe Vera 5000mg Capsules:

Adults and children over 6 years of age, one capsule daily with a meal. Adults can increase dosage to two capsules daily if required. Capsules to be swallowed whole with water or used externally. To apply externally, pierce the capsule and squeeze the contents onto the skin, massaging until fully absorbed. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Ingredients Bulking Agent (soybean oil,vegetable shortening), Capsule Shell [gelling agent (gelatine), humectant (glycerol, purified water)], Anti-caking Agent (silica), Aloe Vera Gel Extract.
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