HealthAid Amber Oil 10ml

For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes. Always use pure oils with caution.
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Amber Oil (Pinus succinefera) 10ml is a pure essential oil that can be used as essences in the bath or in vaporisers. It can also be used to make up your own massage blends after having first diluted them in HealthAid massage oil base or lotion base.

Amber Oil (Pinus succinfera) 10ml which is an ingredient in many popular modern-day perfumes. Known for it's benefits on the respiratory system.

Ingredients Pure Amber Oil
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Sophie Day wrote:
Beautiful scent and it feels like it has strong but gentle healing properties! Lovely product with a reasonable and affordable price.Thanks x
Anonymous wrote:
We have bought some before and are happy with it again
Neil Read wrote:
HealthAid Amber oil is a fantastic aromatherapy oil as it has everything a person could want contained within. It has powerful analgesic, antiinflammatory properties and amber oil has been proven to effect brainwaves, Alpha, Beta & Theta. So not only does this oil work on the physical level but it also works by relaxing a stressed out mind... My clients love it! It smells divine too!!! The price I paid was much cheaper than the big online retail websites and delivery was quick also... I'll be purchasing from there again!