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About Mavala

Throughout the world and for 60 years now, MAVALA has stood for quality, thanks to its specific and high performing care and beauty products, developed in MAVALA scientific Laboratories based in Geneva, Switzerland, concentrating their efforts on innovation and search for perfection.

Nail care and beauty

MAVALA, specialist in care and beauty of nails, offers a complete range of products that respond to all nail problems. Because of its concern to innovate and to offer solutions to various nail problems of customers, MAVALA is the most extensive brand in the nail care industry today.

Hand care and beauty

In natural line with nail care and beauty, MAVALA offers a range of specific products - the MAVALA Hand Care Programme - based on active ingredients which had never been used before in hand treatment.

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    24 Items


    All you need to know about Mavala

    What products does Mavala offer?

    Mavala offers a diverse range of high-quality beauty products, with a particular focus on nail care. Mavala also provides innovative nail care treatments, such as nail strengtheners, cuticle creams, and nourishing oils, designed to promote healthier and stronger nails.

    Does Mavala contain formaldehyde?

    No, Mavala products do not contain formaldehyde. Mavala is committed to creating high-quality nail care products that prioritise the health and safety of their customers. Their formulas are free from harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, which is a known irritant and potential allergen.

    Is Mavala a cruelty-free brand?

    Mavala proudly emphasise their commitment to ethical practices and state that they do not conduct any animal testing at any stage of their product development. Mavala's dedication to being cruelty-free is reflected in their formulations, which are created with a focus on high-quality, effective ingredients that are sourced responsibly and without causing harm to animals.

    Does Mavala offer any nail care treatments?

    Yes, Mavala offers a range of nail care treatments designed to address various nail concerns and promote healthier nails. Their nail care treatments encompass solutions for nail strength, growth, and overall nail health. These treatments often contain nourishing ingredients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals to fortify and protect the nails.