Solgar Psyllium Husks Fibre Vegicaps 200

Sugar, Salt And Starch Free

Suitable For Vegans

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Solgar Psyllium Husks Fibre is a soluble fibre offering a convenient and easy way to increase the amount of this important food group in our diet to help restore and maintain regularity.

Psyllium husks, or isphagula, are mainly grown in the Middle East and are full of fibre. Fibre is found in soluble and insoluble forms. Insoluble fibre remains unchanged when passing through the intestines, whereas soluble fibres change and form a gel-like substance within the intestines. Once digested it draws water in from the colon and pushes out waste from the colon. With today’s modern lifestyles and diets, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain enough fibre from our food. As well as making sure we eat enough whole grains, fruits and vegetables, Solgar’s Psyllium Husks Fibre can be a great way to top up your levels.

All Solgar products meet our industry recognized “Gold Standard” for excellence. Made using naturally sourced ingredients and innovating since 1947, Solgar is your perfect supplement to good health – 98% of Solgar consumers recommend the brand*

Ingredients Powdered Psyllium Husks Fibre, Vegetable Capsule Shell: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose.
Disclaimer Please note: The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from individual to individual.
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Paul wrote:
I thought I reviewed this already. in fact, the only reason I am doing so now is because I have just sent the link to a friend who's son has issues with his digestion. I've had colitis for 6 years now, and this probably changed my life. I started constantly flaring a couple of years ago and lost over a stone and nothing I was doing was working. The meds stopped working and all the dietary changes I made had little to no effect. I had read a few people saying that fibre had helped them, but I always under the impression that fibre is for people who have constipation, not issues with urgency and frequency that affect those with ibd or severe ibs. Then I watched a programme about the effects of fibre on the digestive system. Fibre it seems normalises the body functions, so it softens hard poo for those with constipation (which a lot of reviewers on here seem to attest to) But in addition, it also adds bulk the stool which slows down the speed which digestion takes place for those with ibd and ibs. For me after a week I noticed a difference and after a month a significant improvement which allowed my medication to resume working, and meant that I went virtually back to normal bowel habits. I also recommended this to another friend that had a different issue, which has meant they have been in and out of hospital and they have gone from a frequency of 8 times a day to 3, which is a lot better for them. I have heard people say Oh this doesn't work for me I've tried aloe vera ect not willing to give this a go. This isn't aloe vera. My body had a bad reaction that too. This is a soluble fibre, which is why it's great even as a supplement for ibs and ibd sufferers as some insoluble fibre can cause issues. Please give it a go for a week. It might just give you your life back.
Ben wrote:
I won't be too graphic here, as we all know what these things do :)

Suffice to say, they work very well. I've used lots of different brands over the years, and I have to say, these ones work the best so far. I imagine that has to do with the quality of the ingredients for which you have to pay a little more. But like everything in life, you get what you pay for.
Becka wrote:
Started suffering from really bad loose stools for months - so I thought I’d try theses ... and WOW!! After 4 days normal stools again. I got a bit fed up for the 1st few days because they didn’t work , but I Kept with it and upped the dose to 3/4 a day and now they work.