Viridian 100% Organic Digestive Elixir (digestive bitters, meadowsweet, marshmallow & more) 50ml

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Viridian 100% Organic Digestive Elixir:

  • Made in England
  • Featuring a blend of well-researched organic ingredients
  • Certified organic by the Soil Association
  • Can be mixed into cold drinks or hot water and taken 30 minutes prior to a meal
Full Product Information

Product Information

Viridian Organic Digestive Elixir is made with a blend of extracts, grown, produced and bottled on an organic farm in England. This formula of bitters stimulates saliva to release enzymes. 100% active ingredients with with no artificial fillers and no nasties.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal Digestive Stimulation: Embrace a long-standing tradition of digestive aids with Viridian's Digestive Bitters. Tinctured in alcohol, these digestive bitters are designed to stimulate the digestive system before meals, ensuring optimum digestion. The process starts in the mouth, where taste buds trigger saliva release, initiating the action of enzymes crucial for digestion.

  • Cultural Wisdom: Drawing from global culinary traditions, cultures around the world have used bitter flavors to naturally stimulate the digestive system. This time-tested practice aligns with the innate connection between taste, saliva, and digestive enzymes.

  • Versatile Digestive Support: Digestifs, particularly digestive bitters, have a history of safe use in various applications. From settling an upset stomach to calming hangovers and gently supporting the liver, this well-researched blend brings versatile digestive support.

  • Organic Excellence: Crafted with Soil Association certified organic ingredients, including honey, marshmallow root, meadowsweet, peppermint, fennel, angelica, and gentian root, this tincture prioritizes organic farming practices for purity and quality.

  • Farm-to-Bottle Integrity: Viridian's commitment to quality extends from hand-sown seeds in spring to hand-picking at the end of summer. The slow and delicate process on an organic farm in England ensures the preservation of each plant's integrity, maintaining the highest standards.

  • Certified Organic Assurance: Certified organic by the Soil Association, Viridian's range of tinctures exemplifies a dedication to environmentally sustainable practices. This certification signifies products that are better for the planet and better for you.

  • Pure and Active Ingredients: Formulated by expert nutritionists, the tincture contains 100% active ingredients, free from artificial fillers or undesirable additives. This ensures you receive the full benefits of each carefully chosen component for optimal digestive health.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Adhering to Viridian’s strict ethical criteria, the tincture aligns with principles such as no animal testing, GMO-free ingredients, and palm oil-free formulations. This ethical sourcing reinforces a commitment to conscious consumer choices and a product that stands by its values.


  • Organic Acacia Honey        
  • Organic alcohol        
  • Organic Fresh Marshmallow Extract        
  • Organic Meadowsweet Extract        
  • Organic Peppermint Extract        
  • Organic Fennel Extract        
  • Organic Fresh Angelica Extract        
  • Organic Gentian Extract

Directions for use

As a food supplement, take 20 drops in a little water, three times daily, shortly before main meals or as needed. Maximum 60 drops a day. Do not exceed stated dose unless recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Shake before use. Store in a cool dry place, out of the sight and reach of children. Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation unless recommended by a healthcare practitioner. This is a food supplement, not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet and lifestyle.

Full Product Information
More Information
IngredientsHoney - 20% Fresh Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Root Tincture - 16% Fresh - Meadowsweet (Spiraea ulmaria) Tincture - 16% Fennel (Foenicum vulgare) Seed Tincture - 16% Fresh Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Tincture - 16% Fresh Angelica (Angelica archangelica) Root Tincture - 10% Gentian (Gentiana lutea) Root Tincture - 6%
DisclaimerThis product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Results may vary from individual to individual. While we try to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Please check the bottle for the most up to date information.
Free fromBinders, Fillers
Age Range15-35, 36-49, Over 50
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