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About Aqua Biome

Aqua Biome set out to design a completely new type of omega product, made from wild-caught and sustainably-sourced anchoveta and based on these 3 tenets:

1. Help the Microbiome Flourish
2. Create the perfect Omega-3 Blend
3. Produce a sustainable & Eco-Restorative Product

Within your digestive microbiome, just like in the oceans and coral reefs, diversity is key. Studies show a higher intake of omega-3s, specifically DHA, EPA, and DPA, is linked to greater microbial diversity. Aqua Biome is designed to make your microbiome flourish.

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    All you need to know about Aqua Biome

    What does AquaBiome do?

    AquaBiome are a brand known for producing dietary supplements that are focused on the benefits of marine microbiome ingredients, in particular those derived from the ocean. These products aim to promote health and well-being by harnessing the potential of omega products.

    AquaBiome create omega products which are made of wild-caught and sustainably sourced anchoveta, mackerel and sardines. They have three main aims: help the microbiome flourish, create the perfect omega blend and to produce a sustainable and Eco-Restorative Product.

    What are the benefits of Omega Products?

    Energy: Omega products support the gut microbiome with metabolising nutrients, potentially enhancing energy levels.

    Mood: Through the microbiome-gut-brain axis, omega products can positively influence mood and emotional wellbeing.

    Cognitive Function: Omega products are linked to the gut microbiome, which in turn affects the central nervous system, potentially showing improvements in brain function and behaviour.

    Immune: Omega products promote natural communication between your body and immune cells, supporting overall immune system effectiveness.

    Cardiovascular Health: Omega products assist in maintaining healthy triglyceride levels within the normal range, contributing to cardiovascular well-being.

    Digestion: The gut microbiome, supported by omega products, aids in the efficient digestion of food, facilitating the absorption of essential nutrients for overall health.

    What is unique about AquaBiome?

    AquaBiome’s products are carefully crafted using ingredients sourced from the ocean, with a strong focus on nurturing the microbiome. They harness the power of marine-derived components such as omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils, to address various facets of health, including skin vitality, joint support, and cardiovascular well-being. Their approach to holistic health extends to promoting a thriving gut microbiome.

    AquaBiome is committed to sustainability, exemplified by their partnership with Mote Marine’s Coral Reef Rebuilding Programme, which aims to restore 1000 acres of coral reef ecosystems.

    Additionally, all AquaBiome products are non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free, underscoring their dedication to providing beneficial and environmentally responsible products for consumers.