Clarins Eau Ressourcante Fragranced Gentle Deodorant 100ml

The Clarins Eau Ressourcante Fragranced Gentle Deodorant regulates, refreshes and protects
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Clarins’ exclusive, plant-infused complex helps prevent and neutralise body odours without interfering with the natural perspiration process. Proven, long-lasting action ensures all-day freshness and comfort. The ideal companion to Eau Ressourçante fragrance and Eau Ressourçante Bath & Shower Milk.

How to use: Spray on underarms in the morning after your bath or shower or at any time of the day for a feeling of freshness. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients

The same aromatic essential oils with treatment benefits and non-fragrant plant extracts found in Eau Ressourçante.

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gina wrote:
this fragrance was given to me about 8 years ago from my mother and at the time, i didnt understand why the word DEODORANT was on it.. LOL i used it as a perfume and when i did try to put under my arms, it burned horrible, so needless to say, i used up the whole bottle mostly after bathing while my skin was still wet. and the compliments I would receive, i could write a book. Love this product so fresh and light
Priya13 wrote:
The scent is subtle but very refreshing. It has a citrus masculine tone but I like it and prefer it to fruity floral fragrances.
flowerpot1970 wrote:
Yes a little bit expensive, but a little goes a long way! It is not strong or overwhelming but it's quality keeps working with even the smallest of squirts!! On its own or as a back up fresherner used with gentle care roll on deodorant, this is a must.