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Fermented Herbal Food Supplements

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About Living Nutrition

Living Nutrition

Fermented Organic Herbal Food Supplements from Living Nutrition.

Living Nutrition was founded by nutritional therapist Graham Botfield. Using his knowledge of traditional medicines, including the use of herbs and mushrooms in naturopathic medicine and over 12 years experience in product design and formulation, Graham has focused his research on fermented foods and herbs and used their ancient wisdom to create our unique kefir-kombucha fermentation process.

Nature and purity is the backbone of our products. The methods and ingredients we use are traditional and natural and we never use anything chemical or synthetic. We act with consciousness, utilise ethical practices and we only use certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and sustainable methods. We are passionately advancing the education and research in activated nutrients through various research programs and we hope to inspire a belief and trust in nature as the most effective tool for health and vitality.