Staying Healthy In Colder Months: Minerals & Vitamins For Winter

Staying Healthy In Colder Months: Minerals & Vitamins For Winter

Heading into autumn, the summer heat retreats and we begin to feel the first cold and rainy spells. The nights begin to draw in and once we’re in the heart of winter, we’re indoors more and seeing less sunlight, not to mention the seasonal holidays which mean we’re feasting on food and getting out less.

Making sure we get the right balance of winter vitamins and minerals will help you to stay happy and healthy. We’ve collected four great videos that look at the nutrients to survive the cold months of the year.

Vitamin D3: Prevent That Winter Cold!

Colds and flu are not uncommon in autumn and winter, though they aren’t necessarily caused by the cold weather. Add in the new school year in September, at the start of autumn, and everyone in the family, from kids to grandparents, are at risk of getting sick from mixing with an array of new and different germs. In the very young, old and physically vulnerable, this can become more serious if we aren’t careful. In this short video, Dr. Eric Berg explains that vitamin D, specifically vitamin D3, can reduce viral infections, like colds and flu, by 50%. 

Dr. Eric Berg | Use Vitamin D to Keep Viruses in Remission in Winter Months


At Landys, we recommend Viridian Liquid Vitamin D3 - suitable for kosher, vegetarian and vegan diets and easily absorbed by the body.

Elderberry & Vitamin C: Boost Your Immune System.

Staying inside more can put us at risk of picking up more contagions, simply because we are spending more time cooped up and less time in fresh air, and that increases the chances of us getting sick. A healthy body can stand up to most viruses and bacteria but a weak or poorly functioning immune system will result in you getting sick in winter. 

In this video, Ellie from BioCare explains that taking supplements for vitamins in winter should include vitamin C as part of a strong and healthy immune system.

BioCare | Our Top Immune Supplements for Autumn & Winter

You can find a range of BioCare products on the Landys website.

For those considering herbal and natural remedies that support your immune system in the run up to the winter months, Lara from Natural Remedies explains how to use elderberries to stave off colds. Elderberries contain vitamin C and various antioxidants, all of which are all great for supporting your immune system.

Natural Remedies | Boost the Immune system for Fall and Winter Months


At Landys we recommend Viridian Elderberry Extract Liquid - an organic blend of sustainably cultivated herbs offering rich antioxidants from the elderberries as well as Vitamin C to support the immune system.

Zinc: Speed Up Recovery (From Colds, Aches & Pains)

Do you find that you feel stiffer in winter? Do aches and pains seem to get worse with the cold weather? Adding zinc to your diet in winter might be the answer since zinc can speed up your recovery time from colds, as well as those pesky winter pains.

Zinc does wonders for the body, helping you to improve recovery time if you are ill, as well as promoting healthy hair growth and nails. 

Dr. Eric Berg | The Health Benefits of Zinc


Lamberts Zinc 25mg is a great quality zinc supplement which is also reasonably priced.

Support Your Body With Winter Vitamins & Minerals

There are lots of ways to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet to support your body, whether it’s by making sure your diet contains a good balance of nutrients or taking supplements to give you that little top up. Take a look at our supplement videos for more information on specific health concerns or refer to our vitamin glossary or mineral glossary to gain a better understanding of what you need to optimise your body’s performance.


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