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About Yves Saint Laurent

The quintessence of French style, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionised the way women dressed with his thought-provoking, androgynous haute fashion.

Today, the Yves Saint Laurent collection is now an empire spanning clothing, accessories, makeup and, of course, Yves Saint Laurent perfume.

From the iconic fragrances Paris and Opium, to newer favourites YSL Elle and Belle d'Opium, Yves St Laurent perfume continues this legacy in perfect style.


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Items 1-32 of 84


All you need to know about Yves Saint Laurent

About YSL

YSL are working on a strategy to create a more sustainable and responsible side to their luxury brand. They are working towards a more sustainable supply chain, focusing on human rights and ethics. Their main initiative is improving the sustainability of their materials and manufacturing processes, focussing on biodiversity, animal welfare and resource standards. 

YSL have recently partnered with charity Women’s Aid England to help raise awareness and protect women suffering from domestic abuse. They have developed a 4 pillar programme to help the situation:

  • The Safer Futures Project: Trains school advocates who will lead various initiatives on how to fight against intimate partner violence - It will benefit at least 12,000 children and young people.
  • The Expect Respect Toolkit: A guide for teachers and professionals that contains age appropriate resources to educate children about gender and sexism.  
  • Internal Training of the YSL team: Workshops and training seminars are held throughout the corporate and front-line teams at YSL to understand and identify abusive relationships.
  • Contribution to Thought leadership through research: The brand is contributing to research studies on youth and prevention to try and make a long-term impact.

How long-lasting are YSL perfumes?

First of all, Eau de toilette is usually lighter containing less perfume oil whereas eau de parfum is more concentrated and in turn will last longer.

There are ways to make your perfume last longer:

  • Apply it to pulse points (wrists, nape and neck)  - these give off heat which activate the fragrance.  
  • When applying to the wrists, DO NOT rub your wrist together - it can dull the top nates and make your perfume evaporate quicker. 
  • Use a matching scented body cream or put a few drops of perfume into an unscented body cream.
  • Spray it in your hair as when your hair moves the scent will disperse.
  • Apply it to damp skin straight after a shower - perfume sticks much better to skin than it does to clothes and the moisture on your skin helps capture the scent.
  • Still make sure to add a light spritz to clothes as that can help the fragrance to stay all day.

These are the most long-lasting fragrances by YSL:

Black opium extreme eau de parfum

Libre Intense eau de parfum 

Y Le parfum for men 

Which celebrities wear YSL fragrances?

Opium is a very popular fragrance in the celebrity world, with Salma Hayek, Heidi Klum and Emily Blunt all describing it as their signature fragrance. Lenny Kravitz has also expressed his love for the YSL Y fragrance.