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ASPIVENIN pump is a first aid medical device. Using it can help to quickly relieve pain and itching and limits swelling following insect bites.

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    All you need to know about Aspivenin

    Does Aspivenin work?

    Yes, Aspivenin is an effective patented medical device that employs a suction mini-pump to painlessly remove injected venom from insects, arachnids, fish, and certain rash-inducing plants. It utilises a double-chamber system with an extended locking piston, creating instant and permanent depression of approximately 800 millibars, which is ten times more powerful than buccal suction.

    It allows for time for intervention of a doctor in serious cases of allergies or dangerous aggressions.

    How do you use Aspivenin?

    Step 1: Choose the appropriate nozzle size for the bite or sting treatment and attach it to the pump. For small children, pull the plunger halfway; otherwise, extend it fully.

    Step 2: Place the nozzle directly on the affected area, ensuring it covers the bite or sting. Fully push the plunger without releasing or lifting the nozzle.

    Step 3: Let the Aspivenin draw out the venom from the wound for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the severity of the bite or sting.

    Step 4: To release pressure, lift the plunger with your thumb's end and clean the wound with antiseptic.

    Why should you use an Aspivenin Pump?

    Following an insect sting, the skin will become red, hard, and swollen as a natural response to the attack. Swelling will occur as a defensive mechanism. Normally, a histaminic response will occur as a rash, followed by swelling and accompanied by various degrees of itching.

    However, there can be cases involving allergic reactions to the stings and so it is important to be prepared. The most prevalent allergic reaction is localised, typically concentrated around the sting site or bite area. In severe cases, it can extend to the two neighbouring joints closest to the point of contact. The progression will peak within 24 to 48 hours, so it is important to remove the venom as fast as possible.