Exfoliators: Face Scrubs, Exfoliating Cleansers, Masks, Powders

Using an exfoliator is an important part of any great skincare routine. We stock the best exfoliators and face scrubs that use premium ingredients to give you bright and smooth skin, from big-name brands like Clarins, Vichy and Ren.

Our luxury range features luscious exfoliating sugar scrubs that effectively remove impurities and prevent blackheads, rejuvenating exfoliating masks and exfoliating cleansers that buff away dull, lifeless skin, and silky, non-abrasive exfoliating powders which deeply clean pores and smooth skin.

While many face scrubs and exfoliators can be used on all skin types, you can also find specially formulated products to suit your dry, oily or combination skin, plus exfoliators for sensitive skin that are just as effective while working with your more delicate skin needs.

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All you need to know about Exfoliators

What is skin exfoliation?

Skin exfoliation is the removal of the top layer of cells from the outermost layer of your skin. Your skin will naturally shed itself every 30 days or so, and new skin cells grow, taking the place of the old skin. Many of your old skin cells fall off naturally as your skin regenerates, but in some areas this may not be the case, which is why you might sometimes see a dry patch of skin.

What is an exfoliator?

An exfoliator is a skincare product that helps you to exfoliate your skin in a way that effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells without damaging your skin. Skin exfoliation is great for removing dry patches of skin so you can enjoy smooth feeling skin. Using an exfoliator is considered a good part of a regular skincare routine. There are many kinds of exfoliators, from sugar scrubs and exfoliating cleansers, to exfoliating masks and even exfoliating powders. 

You can exfoliate using a product that contains exfoliating beads or more natural extracts like apricot kernels, coffee granules or charcoal. You can also purchase brushes, sponges and loofahs that effectively remove skin. 

What is a sugar scrub?

A sugar scrub is a type of face scrub that uses sugar granules to exfoliate the skin. By gently massaging into the skin, sugar scrubs clean deeply within pores and across the skin's outer layer. Exfoliating face scrubs, like sugar scrubs, help remove blackheads and clear off excess sebum, which can lead to more spots.

What is an exfoliating cleanser?

Exfoliating cleansers combine the best of an exfoliator and a cleanser to give your skin a fuller clean and refresh. A cleanser washes the surface layer of skin, helping to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, while an exfoliator scrubs off dead skin cells and lifts off excess sebum. An exfoliating cleanser combines both these features in a single product, making skin cleaning fast and fuss-free.

How often should you exfoliate?

You should exfoliate your skin around two to three times per week. How often you exfoliate depends on how sensitive your skin is and how much dirt and grime you are dealing with – for example in high pollution cities you may use an exfoliator more often than if you live in a coastal town where the air is cleaner. 

Everyone should exfoliate their face to ensure that they get a luminous glow. Usually, once a week is effective enough to shed any unwanted skin and promote regeneration. If you frequently have clogged pores and patchy areas of dry skin, you might require exfoliation on the face every other day. 

If you properly exfoliate on a regular basis, you should start to see a noticeable difference in your skin after six weeks. Many people find that their skin feels instantly much smoother and looks renewed after just one exfoliation. You shouldn't over-exfoliate, however, as doing it too often can cause skin irritation.

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