Aspivenin Insect Poison Remover Kit

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✓ Aspivenin can be used to draw out the poison from insect bites and stings quickly, easily and painlessly, thereby reducing irritation and the risk of an allergic reaction.
✓ Aspivenin Insect Poison Remover is a precision made vacuum pump
✓ Different sized attachments to treat the area of attack.
✓ Supplied in a lightweight, waterproof case.

Full Product Information

Product Information

Aspivenin is a simple to use handheld vacuum pump, with different sized attachments to treat the area of attack. Supplied in a lightweight, waterproof case. Put one in your medical pack today.

Aspivenin works when the white plunger is drawn back and the unit is then applied to the area of attack and pressed down which creates a continuous vacuum in the nozzle. This gently draws poison from the bite or sting.

It can be used for:

Mosquito Bites
Bee Stings
Wasp Stings
Snake Bites
Scorpion Bites
Ant Bites
Spider Bites
Chiggers Bites

How to use Aspivenin Insect Poison Remover:

1. Select the nozzle size most suitable for treating the bite or sting and attach it to the pump. Pull the plunger out to its full extent (or halfway for small children).
2. Apply the nozzle directly onto the skin, making sure it covers the area of the bite or sting. Push the plunger fully home without letting go or lifting the nozzle.
3. Allow the Aspivenin to draw the venom from the wound for between 1 and 3 minutes, depending on the severity of the bite or sting.
4. Lift the plunger with the end of your thumb to release the pressure and wipe the wound clean with antiseptic.

Full Product Information
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