Lab Series Hair Root Power Restorative Hair Tonic 200ml

After washing your hair with the lab Series Restorative Shampoo, apply this rejuvenating tonic to the hair and the scalp. Do not wash out.
Create the optimum environment for a healthy hair and scalp with the energising Lab Series Restorative Hair Tonic, an innovative formulation for improved strength and vitality. The potent serum formulation helps to retain existing hair by repairing damage and restoring elasticity, and also works to minimise the amount of hair that is lost every day. The balancing treatment restores equilibrium to a troubled scalp, and promotes the growth of thicker and fuller hair with an increase strand diameter. Moisturising agents of Pro Vitamin B (Panthenol) and Ethyl Panthenol smooth the texture of the hair and improve its density Cetrimonium Chloride fights dullness, and Pantethine helps strengthen and improve damaged hair. ROOTPLEX5 works to strengthen and reinforce the structure of the hair from within.
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