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About Alaia


"Creating a perfume is to confide in a woman, to steal her thoughts of tomorrow and run away with her before she ever looks back. Creating a perfume is also knowing that, at that precise instant, the words I use to recount my secret already no longer belong to me. My perfume is not reasonable - it makes time lie. 

I dreamed of it like an archeologist dreams of sculptures from antiquity lying at the bottom of the sea for millenia, sculpture of perfect bodies, matched only by the women of today - an ideal and timeless beauty. 

My perfume comes from far away, it is a perfume from the source. It does not reflect any particular era, but emotions from every era. It does not come from any country, because it has travelled through them all. It does not resonate with any one season, because it lives in all seasons. 

My perfume springs from the union of all my present moments, from a time that I could not myself identify, expressed only in the feelings that its creation revealed to me. My perfume accompanies time, it has the insolence of an eternal present. 

At the same time a fragrance for day and for night, my perfume is the compex architecture of my most paradoxical sensations, those that have brought me the most beautiful rencontres of my life."


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